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Press Release - Day Two of Newt's Jobs and Growth Bus Tour

December 29, 2011


Day 2 of Newt's Jobs and Growth bus tour brought him to Mason City, Algona, Spencer, and Le Mars.  At each stop, Newt outlined his bold solutions to create jobs and maximize economic growth.  The crowds were large and enthusiastic and Newt's positive message of job creation and getting Americans back to work resonated with the people of Iowa.  For pictures and news coverage from Day 1 of the bus tour, click here.

In Mason City, Newt spoke to a overflow crowd of more than 300 people at the Southbridge Mall and said he would eliminate all White House czars on the first day of his presidency. Watch the video of his speech here.

Pledging to run a campaign and a presidency based on solutions, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday within hours of his inauguration he would sign executive orders eliminating "czars" of federal departments and cut needless or harmful federal programs.

Gingrich, seeking the Republican presidential nomination, touted his experience and accomplishments and his focus on solutions in a campaign appearance at Southbridge Mall on Wednesday.

Speaking to a crowd of about 300 who packed the center court area, Gingrich said America is absorbing "the cost of amateurism" with President Obama in the White House.

"He doesn't know how to be president. He doesn't know how to lead," said Gingrich.

At a standing room only event at La Chiesa Restaurant in Spencer, Newt talked about his plan to develop more American energy and create more American jobs.

On the topic of sending jobs overseas, Gingrich estimates a 0 percent capital gains tax and a 12.5 percent corporate tax rate -- lower than that of Canada -- would reintroduce $700 billion into the American economy. A provision providing 100 percent expensing would add to the allure of doing business in the U.S., he said.

"All the equipment would be paid off in one year, you could write it off on your taxes in one year, and our goal is that American workers have the most productive equipment in the world and the most effective workers in the world so we can compete with China and India and actually be more productive," Gingrich said.

The standing-room-only crowd responded with applause as Gingrich later said the president should be trying to sell American products globally, rather than negotiating purchases from countries such as Brazil.

He also would like to tie unemployment funding to a training program.

"I don't believe we should give people money for doing nothing for 99 weeks and I think, instead, we should be training them so we're improving human capital when we're paying money out," Gingrich added. "These are steps that will increase American jobs on American terms."

Furthermore, on the jobs front, Gingrich supports the Keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas and said he'd rather have billions of dollars going to places like Iowa and South Dakota for alternative fuels rather than Iran and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

In Le Mars, over 200 people packed in to Pizza Ranch to hear Newt's positive solutions to rebuild the America we love.

Gingrich also campaigned for caucus support.

"Tell your friends and neighbors that they have a chance to send a signal to the country that negative advertising and consultants are not the future, that it's possible to run a positive campaign and to have someone who actually wins based on positive ideas, positive solutions," Gingrich said.

He was introduced in Le Mars by Iowa State Sen. Randy Feenstra (R-Hull) who described the turnout as an "awesome crowd."

Approximately 200 people attended the event.

Feenstra referred to an Iowa GOP-sponsored debate among presidential candidates in Sioux City earlier this month and said he saw one candidate who stood out above the rest.

"Mr. Speaker," Feenstra told Gingrich "We're so excited to have you here."

Newt Gingrich, Press Release - Day Two of Newt's Jobs and Growth Bus Tour Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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