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Press Release - Coulter: Trump 'Speaking for Working Class,' 'For African-Americans'

July 07, 2015


Coulter said, "I notice we've been warned all week watch out for ISIS, watch out for ISIS this weekend, and no, instead Americans were killed by [illegal] immigrants. This wasn't the only illegal immigrant, and it doesn't have to be limited to illegal immigrants, the government is allowing people who have no right to be here into our country, whether legally or illegally. There was also an illegal immigrant who hammered his wife to death in Texas over the weekend, you know, that was an illegal alien wife who was killed. So, it isn't just American citizens who aren't being protected, but these republicans and, of course, democrats who claim to speak for oh the poor, the downtrodden, the working class. No, they're speaking for big business who want their cheap labor and they'll externalize their costs, both in terms of taxes and in terms of the crime rate." And "You hear Republicans saying, 'well' — and Democrats, 'Well, of course, no one wants felons in this country.' Well, what are they doing to stop it? Chris Christie was on Fox News this weekend saying, you know, telling us once again that fences just don't work, the human spirit will overcome them. It's like saying buckets don't work. Of course fences work. Americans aren't stupid. Why doesn't Chris Christie say that to Israel or China? Because their fences work just fine."

She added, "the media are always hiding that these are immigrants, sometimes illegal, sometimes not illegal, who are committing a lot of these heinous crimes. It's always 'North Carolina Man Indicted on Child Rape.' So, frankly, we don't know after this weekend exactly how many Americans were killed by immigrants in drunk driving accidents, in heinous murders like this one in San Francisco. It'll take a few weeks, maybe a year to wait for the court transcripts for the media to even tell us the truth. The government won't tell us the truth. The media won't tell us the truth. But, the people in America know what the truth is. Unfortunately, the Chamber of Commerce and the Wall Street Journal don't. And most of these Republicans are busy sucking up to the rich and don't care about the workers. You know, I am sick of this nonsense about Donald Trump being the racist here. He's the one who was speaking for working class Americans, for African-Americans. How about — have you seen the black teenaged unemployment rate? Why shouldn't they be getting those jobs? It's Donald Trump who is speaking up for them. And boy, don't think Republican voters aren't keeping a list of who's naughty and nice on denouncing or praising Donald Trump right now."

Coulter also talked about the 2016 presidential race, stating that "Now I have a new soft spot in my heart for Sen. Ted Cruz. We always knew he was smart. He's been bad on legal immigration, in the past he wanted to triple what even Rubio wanted. But, he seems to have burned that bridge. So, I think he's going to be pulling ahead in people's estimation. But, Jeb Bush, he said illegal immigration was an act of love. Is he saying every act of immigration was an act of love with this guy who murdered that beautiful woman in San Francisco, was that an act of love of Jeb?" She added that Rick Perry "was the pioneer of the argument that fences don't work, buckets and wheels don't work. It's — the craziest argument I've ever heard. Have they heard of East Germany and the Soviet Union? They wanted to keep people in, we want to keep people out. Fences work just fine."

She later argued, "it's going to be very easy for someone like a Sen. Ted Cruz or maybe Scott Walker. ... Because this is a big opening. It's the same opening Ronald Reagan had when the Republican Party was officially for the Equal Rights Amendment, much of the Republican Party was for gun control, much of the Republican Party was for abortion. They are standing with the elites and the Wall Street crowd. You get one Republican to come along and speak straight about what the people want to hear, and the media is always surprised, 'Oh, he's doing so well.' There's a reason Trump is doing well, and I mean, at this point, we just want a Republican who can do math and figure out unless immigrants are voting 51% for Republicans, you're losing Republicans and post-1970 immigrant,s legal immigrants are voting 8-2 for the Democrats. So, this is a suicidal strategy. And I think some of the smarter Republicans will wake up and clean up in the primaries."

Coulter concluded, "It's interesting, a lot of these Republicans talk tough when they need our vote, like Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%did running against amnesty, but then got to Washington and spent three years pushing amnesty the Republican Party, their base are working class white males and their wives. That's when Republicans clean up. That's when — the two landslide presidential elections Republicans have won in the last century, Nixon and Reagan, that was appealing directly to that base, and that is exactly what Donald Trump is doing. He's enormously popular with the working class. He's quite popular with black people who want those jobs."

Donald J. Trump, Press Release - Coulter: Trump 'Speaking for Working Class,' 'For African-Americans' Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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