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Press Release - Conservative State Senator Lee Bright to Serve as Bachmann State Chairman

November 15, 2011

Representative Bill Chumley Also Joins Team Bachmann in the Upstate

Spartanburg, SC — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced today State Senator Lee Bright will serve as the state chairman for her presidential campaign and Representative Bill Chumley will help Team Bachmann efforts in the Upstate.

"I'm excited to have Lee and Bill on our team in the all important first-in-the-south state of South Carolina," Bachmann said. "The three of us share views on the important issues of life, family, fiscal responsibility, and are committed to putting South Carolinians back to work."

Senator Bright is known as being one of the strongest social and fiscal conservative leaders in the state, often filibustering entire budgets to decrease spending and to stop taxpayer-funded abortions.

"Michele Bachmann is the candidate who doesn't just give lip service to conservative principles but actively lives them out every day. She is the conservative who has been consistent in her record and her rhetoric," Sen. Bright said.

Senator Bright was elected to the state senate in 2008 and currently serves Senate District 12, which consists of Spartanburg County. Representative Chumley was elected in 2010 and portions of the Spartanburg area.

Representative Bill Chumley has joined the Bachmann team and will be helping to lead the Congresswoman's presidential efforts in the conservative upstate of South Carolina.

"We've seen what kind of damage can be done when we have a president who promises change without the record to back those promises up. It's time for a president in the White House who is a consistent conservative. Michele Bachmann is the most conservative candidate in the race and her record proves it," Rep. Chumley said.

When looking at all the Republican candidates running for president, both Senator Bright and Representative Chumley believe the Congresswoman is the only one that stands out.

"We've heard a lot of candidates say they are pro-life and say that they are conservative, but their flip-flops on abortion legislation or support for massive bank bailouts show otherwise," Sen. Bright continued. "This weekend Michele Bachmann also proved that she is best candidate to handle issues of national security and foreign affairs. While some candidates showed they were completely unprepared to be commander in chief of our armed forces, the Congresswoman offered answers and solutions that will keep our nation strong."

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