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Press Release - Connie Mack Statement on CNN/Tea Party Debate

September 12, 2011

Florida Representative Connie Mack made the following statement regarding tonight's CNN/Tea Party debate in Tampa, FL:

"Mitt Romney clearly won the debate by laying out how he will get our economy back on track. No other candidate in the field has his experience working in the real economy. Our next president will need that experience to turn around the economy. President Obama never worked in the real economy and look where we are today – with 25 million people unemployed, underemployed or have stopped looking for work. Mitt Romney has created tens of thousands of jobs both in the private sector and as Governor. President Obama has created none."

"Our nominee must also oppose the dismantling of Social Security. It is a program millions of seniors rely on – and many of them in our state of Florida. Unlike Rick Perry, Mitt Romney does not want to destroy this program but has pledged to fix it for future generations."

Mitt Romney, Press Release - Connie Mack Statement on CNN/Tea Party Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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