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Press Release - Campaign Statement on Discussion of Public Ethics

October 16, 1996

Dole for President Press Secretary Nelson Warfield released the following statement today:

"Four years ago today, the Clinton campaign blasted President George Bush for 'abuse of power' in his actions as President. In a release sent out on October 16, 1992, the Clinton campaign used a detailed list of administration actions to attempt to demonstrate that Bush had misused the power of his office to advance his campaign interests.

"Though we disagree on the merit of the allegations raised by the Clinton campaign in 1992, we wholeheartedly support Mr. Clinton's view that public behavior and public ethics are appropriate and important topics for discussion in a Presidential campaign. We look forward to a closer analysis of the Clinton administration's actions in that area over coming days.

"The Clinton campaign did go too far, however, when it crossed the line four years ago into making a personal attack. The campaign's release raised totally-unsubstantiated and since-discredited allegations by a prison inmate of part drug use by then-Vice President Quayle. Despite the precedent set by the Clinton campaign in 1992, Bob Dole has made clear that he will not make similar personal attacks against Bill Clinton."

-- Nelson Warfield

Press Secretary

Robert Dole, Press Release - Campaign Statement on Discussion of Public Ethics Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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