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Press Release - Bachmann Proves to be Only Consistent Conservative at Debate

December 11, 2011

Bachmann: "So if you want a difference, Michele Bachmann is the proven conservative, it's not Newt Romney."

Des Moines, Iowa – At a fiery debate hosted by ABC News and Yahoo!, Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann proved this evening that she is the only candidate in the race that is a true consistent conservative. Highlighting her record as a contrast to her fellow candidates, Bachmann focused on the issues of healthcare mandates, cap-and-trade and the TARP bailouts.

Dubbing Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as "Newt Romney" for their support for a healthcare mandate, cap-and-trade and the TARP bailouts, Bachmann drew a clear distinction between her stance and those of her colleagues.

Bachmann said, "If you look at Newt Romney, they were for Obamacare principles. If you look at Newt Romney, they were for cap-and-trade. If you look at Newt Romney, they were for the $700 billion bailout. […] So if you want a difference, Michele Bachmann is the proven conservative, it's not Newt Romney."

"You've got to have our nominee who has a stark, distinct difference with President Obama, who will go toe-to-toe and hold him accountable," Bachmann said. "President Obama knows me in Washington D.C. I've taken him on issue after issue; our nominee has to be willing to not agree with Barack Obama on these issues, but stand 180 degrees opposite. Of all the candidates on this stage, I've been fighting President Obama for every year that I've been there. And I've taken him on and I will take him on at the debate and I will defeat him."

As her record shows, Bachmann fought against all three of these issues from the beginning, warning these radical and irresponsible policies would bankrupt the nation. Bachmann called for policies that would spur economic growth. She, a successful businesswoman and job creator herself, offered three strategies to spur economic growth and job creation for Americans – abolish the tax code in order to replace it with a system that's flatter, fairer, and simpler; legalize American energy production and eliminate strangling regulations and mandates found in federal laws like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. She asserted that with these changes millions of job would be created within the first four years of a Bachmann administration.

Bachmann made it clear that job creators are looking for real solutions, not the temporary gimmicks offered by President Obama. "We have to recognize we can't spend money we don't have and that's why Barack Obama is trying to do – temporary gimmicks, not permanent solutions," Bachmann said.

Bachmann acknowledged businesses, as well as the American people, are ready for a president who will lead and she recognized the financial hardships families are currently facing are not far from her own story. Bachmann said, "I was born here in Iowa to a middle class family, but my family went through a tragedy that millions of families go through — my folks got a divorce. My mom found herself a single mom who had been a full-time homemaker. […] We went to below poverty overnight and when I was 13 I had [to get] a job to help out the family."

She continued, "We are still coupon clippers today; we still go to consignment stores today. We get what that feels like. And I think it's important for the next President of the United States to be in touch with what real people struggle with across the country. And I have."

"As President of the United States, my proven consistent record will be that I will take on every special interest, I will take on K Street […] and I will make sure that I help elect 13 more Republican U.S. senators so we have 60 senators, a full complement in the House, and I won't rest until I repeal Obamacare."

Michele Bachmann, Press Release - Bachmann Proves to be Only Consistent Conservative at Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/298912

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