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Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - January 27

January 27, 2016

Hello everyone, it's been another great day in Iowa as I prepare for tomorrow night's debate on Fox News — I'm looking forward to putting We the People front and center stage! Please remember to keep sending me texts throughout the day using the number 275-236 (ASKBEN). Let's jump into tonight's questions.

The first question tonight is from Hal, he asks about "common core" and it's "detrimental effect on effective learning in the classroom." Thank you for asking Hal, you know education is one of my passions.

I have been, and always will be, a proponent for facilitating learning environments that enrich our students, reward excellence and motivate our young ones to dream beyond their current circumstances. A student's mind is more than eager to absorb even more than we often give credit, ready to be challenged and stretched. That is my issue with "Common Core" is it lacks Common Sense — why would we place bureaucratic impediments and barriers to learning in front of students, more focused on rote and regurgitation, there is nothing intellectually stimulating about this debacle. There's a lot of rhyme without much reason.

What I will advocate for is empowering local communities, states, parents and students to explore the many opportunities a free-market approach to education will produce: performance-driven curriculum that engages students and allows our amazing teachers to get back to their passion, which is enriching students. The math is simple on this one.

Next, James asks about ISIS and their "seemingly emboldened" international posture, specifically towards America and Israel.

Timely question James, and yes, I agree. The more we allow these Radical Islamic Terrorists to carry out their mission, unchecked, the more their ranks will feel untouchable. A cancer that is allowed to grow will spread its tentacles until the body is decimated — I, for one, will not allow our hands to sit idly by. As Commander-in-Chief, it will be my priority to protect American interests and innocent lives, of all creeds and religions, from the pointed threats of those championing death rather than life. Period.

The time for wishful thinking and capitulation is over — we must not allow the spine of America to be planted firmly in the sand. It will require decisive action with clear and measurable objectives and goals — this war will not be fought from the rear. We are a nation of leaders and operators, a country rooted in bold distinction, ever present to thwart evil when it rears its head. I am confident that given the proper leadership, coalescing our international allies in common purpose, the United States will once again reestablish itself as the force for peace through strength, stability through anchored positional readiness.

It starts with calling out the enemy by name. Let's make it official.

Finally, Karaina asks "are you prepared for the debate? What do you think about Mr. Trump not showing up?"

Prepared, yes. The thing is, Karaina, we should always be prepared to give an account and answer. Whether it is walking on the debate stage, speaking to large crowds at our town halls, or engaging with people every day on the numerous stops throughout the country, I am at ease knowing that I am prepared to talk about important matters because I'm not a politician, I'm person, just like you. It's not about "sound bites", it's about sound guidance, wisdom and principles. Those are the core of whatever topic it is I'm addressing. As long as you have your foundation firmly rooted in the truth, facts are sure to follow. It's common sense.

As far as Mr. Trump possibly not participating in the debate, I don't really think that any one candidate should be the focus — remember, this is about We the People and representing a multitude of people on that stage tomorrow night, and every day thereafter.

Again, thank you for the great questions, I always enjoy spending our evenings together for these chats.



Ben Carson, Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - January 27 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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