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Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - February 4

February 04, 2016

Hello Friends, I'm happy to join you all again for another nightly chat. Please keep sending me all of your questions by texting 275-236 (ASKBEN), so that I can answer them and tell you about all of the exciting solutions I've proposed to Heal, Inspire and Revive our great nation.

Tonight I want to discuss the state of politics in our country. Already this year, as in every year, there are countless reports of dirty tricks, shady practices, and outright lies intended to get voters by any means possible. Unfortunately, these deceptive practices have become "business as usual" for the political class. It's disheartening to see, but it's also a reminder of why I got into this race in the first place. I'm not here to play the same sleazy games that have become routine in American politics. I'm running to return integrity to our politics.

I can't speak for other campaigns. I can only tell you this: I promise to always run a campaign that is reflective of my character and Christian values. I think how we conduct our campaigns says a lot about how we lead, and I want the American people to know that I will always lead with integrity and honesty. Washington politicians will do anything to keep power, resorting to any dirty trick. I got in this race to break that cycle of political gamesmanship and return the White House to "We the People."So while I'm saddened to see the tactics employed by some of my fellow Republicans, I won't let it change who I am or how I run. I want to thank all of my supporters for their continued faith. And to any supporter in Iowa who feels they were deceived, I'm honored by your support. I will carry this fight on. Thank you all and God Bless.

Ben Carson, Press Release - #AskBen Fireside Chat - February 4 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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