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Press Release - Ahead of Eureka Speech, Governor Walker Highlights Day One Reforms

September 09, 2015

Madison, Wis. - Ahead of his Thursday speech at Eureka College, Gov. Scott Walker today unveiled his Day One Plan, a project to highlight the reforms he would begin implementing on his first day as president. View the Day One Plan here. The plan will be updated each week throughout the campaign as Walker introduces new day one reforms designed to wreak havoc on the status quo in Washington, just as he has done in Wisconsin.

The plan is a list of day one promises Walker wants voters to hold him accountable for achieving. They include:

  • Sending legislation to Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare and ending the taxpayer-funded subsidies that have protected lawmakers from the premium increases ordinary Americans have faced under this disastrous law

  • Ending President Obama's unlawful executive actions, and enforcing our immigration laws. Ending outrageous instances of defying federal law -- such as those practiced by so-called "sanctuary cities" will now be a priority

  • Terminating President Obama's bad nuclear deal with Iran

After introducing the Day One Plan, Gov. Walker released the following statement:

"President Reagan once said that we needed to drain the swamp in Washington. But since he left, the swamp has filled up again. We cannot expect those from Washington to fix it. It's time to wreak havoc on the status quo in Washington and put everyday Americans back in charge. I know it can work, because we did it in Wisconsin. I'm committed to doing the same thing in our nation's capital starting on day one. That's why my first day as president would be one of the busiest the White House has seen in years." - Gov. Scott Walker

Walker is no stranger to busy first days on the job. On his first day as governor, he authorized Wisconsin to join the lawsuit challenging Obamacare, created a commission on government waste, fraud and abuse, and issued an executive order calling for a special legislative session on jobs. Since then, he's led the charge in implementing a host of successful conservative reforms, including collective bargaining reform, right to work legislation, fixing a $3.6 billion budget deficit and cutting taxes by $4.7 billion.

Scott Walker, Press Release - Ahead of Eureka Speech, Governor Walker Highlights Day One Reforms Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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