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Press Release - 10 More Reasons to Support Jon Huntsman

October 28, 2011

We are reaching a crucial stage and we must have the funding in place to contact new voters on the ground here in New Hampshire and in key states across the country.

In September we shared 10 reasons why supporters are financially standing with Governor Huntsman's campaign for President.  The response to that email was astonishing, with hundreds of supporters making their first donation to our campaign.

Today, we need an even stronger response.

Below are 10 new reasons from supporters who've financially invested in our campaign.  If you find a reason you agree with, we urge you to make a donation with that person in the amount you can afford.

Whether it's your first donation or your third to our campaign, we need all hands on deck again to help fund our upcoming efforts in November.  Every dollar you invest is incredibly appreciated by Governor Huntsman and our team.

We are reaching a crucial stage and we must have the funding in place to contact new voters on the ground here in New Hampshire and in key states across the country.  So please make an immediate donation in the amount you can afford.

Jon Huntsman is the principled, thoughtful leader we need to turn our country around.

I'm proud to stand with Jon Huntsman.  If you are, I urge you to join me and the 10 supporters listed below by making a donation to Governor Huntsman's campaign for President.

Matt David

Campaign Manager

PS After you donate, please share this blog with all of your friends on Twitter and Facebook.  Help us grow our campaign across the nation!

Why I Donated:

  1. Glenn S. from Maryland:  "I'm on board for Huntsman, because while I may not agree with every single policy position he takes, I know that he is the type of leader who is thoughtful, intelligent, not knee-jerk, and not pandering."  To donate with Glenn click here.

  2. Julie S. from Illinois:  "I feel Jon Huntsman is the most thoughtful, rational, intelligent and honest person among the republican candidates. I am an independent voter who is not happy with President Obama's leadership."  To donate with Julie click here.

  3. Jonathan T. from California:  "Governor Huntsman is the only Republican candidate who has a spine, which makes him the best alternative to Obama in 2012. Primary voters, look beyond the primary and take a close look at Huntsman. He is your best chance at winning back the White House."  To donate with Jonathan click here.

  4. Lauren N. from Minnesota:  "A politician I believe in, Jon Huntsman can mend the dysfunctional relationships in Washington and get down to business. Rational, bright and rock and roll; can't ask for much more in a candidate."  To donate with Lauren click here.

  5. Carter N. from New Hampshire: "I support Jon Huntsman because I believe he has the most conservative record and is the best suited to take on Barack Obama in 2012 than any candidate running for the Republican nomination for President."  To donate with Carter click here.

  6. Angela T. from Virginia:  "I support Jon Huntsman because he's the only candidate who makes sense. Instead of pandering to the political extremes, Mr. Huntsman is proposing realistic solutions to problems that are facing this nation. He also has the best record of the bunch."  To donate with Angela click here.

  7. Thomas P. from Pennsylvania:  "I was looking for a Republican candidate that represented my conservative, yet moderate views. I was also looking for a candidate that could restore some civility and cooperation to the political process."  To donate with Thomas click here.

  8. Stan P. from New Mexico:  "I watched an earlier "debate" and then the follow-up show put on by CNN and the Tea Party PAC. Governor Huntsman was the only one who came across with reasonable answers to serious issues."  To donate with Stan click here.

  9. Randy R. from Texas:  "I'm supporting Gov. Huntsman because I find him to be the only conservative candidate that focuses on real issues and is unafraid to provide honest policy approaches. The other candidates are too focused on shouting about hot emotional topics."  To donate with Randy click here.

  10. Matthew L. from Washington:  "Governor Huntsman is a true conservative and the face of what the Republican Party can and should be."  To donate with Matthew click here.

Jon Huntsman, Press Release - 10 More Reasons to Support Jon Huntsman Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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