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Inslee Campaign Press Release - Presidential Candidates Praise Jay Inslee for Setting the Standard on Climate

August 21, 2019

Seattle, WA – Today, Governor Jay Inslee announced he is withdrawing from the 2020 presidential contest. Following his announcement, Inslee was met with praise and support from fellow 2020 presidential candidates who extolled his longstanding efforts, unwavering drive and his bold, ambitious policy proposals to defeat climate change.

Read what presidential candidates are saying below:

Vice President Joe Biden
@JayInslee brought an important voice to this race, arguing powerfully that climate change damages our health, national security & economy. The people of Washington are fortunate to have a Governor who fights to make their lives better now & to protect our planet for the future.

Senator Bernie Sanders
Congratulations to @JayInslee on his impactful campaign to bring the climate crisis to the forefront of the national conversation. There is no more important issue facing humanity. Together we will work to pass a Green New Deal and create millions of jobs.

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Thank you @JayInslee for fighting every day to make sure that climate change remains a primary focus of this election. Climate change is real and it's a crisis—and I will keep fighting alongside you to take bold action before it is too late.

Senator Kamala Harris
Few leaders have done more to shine a light on the climate crisis than @JayInslee. His voice will be missed in this primary but I know he will continue this fight.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg
We're facing a climate crisis, and we must summon the courage to confront it before it's too late. Thank you, Governor Inslee, for demanding that America meet the urgency of the moment.

Representative Tim Ryan
Jay, thank you for your contributions to change the conversation on climate. You led a great campaign, and I had so much fun with you on the trail.

Even through you were a messy roommate, you're a great friend, an incredible public servant and I'll see you soon.

Fmr. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro
Thank you, @JayInslee, for your unwavering effort to save our planet. Your candidacy has kept our most pressing issue at the forefront of this race.

Let me know when you're up for that road trip!

Senator Cory Booker
Thank you @jayinslee for advancing the conversation about the urgent threat of climate change—our country is better for it. I know you will continue to be a powerful voice and move the needle on this issue. We'll be right there with you.

Tom Steyer
@JayInslee is a visionary leader and a friend. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his wisdom, his commitment, and his basic goodness. Thank you. We will continue the fight against climate change.

Andrew Yang
@JayInslee is right that climate change is an existential threat to our way of life - I know he will continue to fight for the future in Washington and everywhere.

Fmr. Representative Beto O'Rourke
Climate change is our greatest existential threat—and there are few people in the world as devoted to fighting it as @JayInslee. Thank you, Governor, for your leadership.

Senator Michael Bennet
@JayInslee, thank you for putting the fight against climate change — the most pressing issue of our time — front and center in this race.

This existential threat cannot be ignored, and we all must carry the torch forward together to tackle it.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Climate change is the most grave threat we face, and we need leaders who match the challenge with the same urgency. @JayInslee has modeled that leadership, and I'm grateful for his role in this primary. Let's keep up the fight for our planet.

Senator Amy Klobuchar
Governor @JayInslee made the climate crisis the centerpiece of his campaign and our nation is better because of it. Thank you for the bold ideas you brought to this race Governor.

Fmr. Representative John Delaney
Thank you, @JayInslee, for your incredible dedication to highlighting the threat of climate change. It was great getting to know you on the campaign trail, and your voice will be missed as the primary continues.

Fmr. Representative Joe Sestak
While I regret that the voice of Jay Inslee will now no longer be in the race for President, I am grateful that he put climate change front and center in the race. Thank you, @JayInslee: hope you will be in the next Administration leading America's charge against climate change.

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Thanks to @JayInslee for fighting to keep climate change front and center.

Though he's moving on, we know this fight is far from over. Here's to doing all it takes to preserve the planet for the next generation.

Jay Inslee, Inslee Campaign Press Release - Presidential Candidates Praise Jay Inslee for Setting the Standard on Climate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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