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Influential Leaders Praise Hillary Clinton's New National Service Plan

September 30, 2016

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"I'm heartened by Secretary Clinton's commitment to expand service opportunities in America, including her pledge to fulfill the promise of the bipartisan Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act and expand AmeriCorps to 250,000 positions. My husband believed deeply in the importance of service and its positive impact on our communities and our country. Every American who wants to serve should have the chance to do so. I know that Secretary Clinton, who has made this cause a priority throughout her life, will work to achieve that goal as president, and I am proud to stand with her." – Victoria "Vicki" Kennedy, Co-Founder and President of the Board of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

"Service to our nation, and to our fellow citizens has long been a sacred American tradition – an experience that allows the concept of citizenship to grow full inside each of us. I'm very glad to see this concept, in the form of a Service Year spent in anything from education to conservation, brought prominently onto the stage of national debate. It is not a Republican, Democratic, or even an Independent initiative – the opportunity belongs to, and responsibility rests with, every American." – General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), Chair of the Service Year Alliance

"At a time of division, national service by young Americans would help heal our nation. I applaud Secretary Clinton's announcement today to create a National Service Reserve to engage millions of young Americans in serving their communities and country, building on her plan to provide 250,000 full-time service year opportunities annually." – John Bridgeland, former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council and USA Freedom Corps under President George W. Bush

"This plan proves Hillary Clinton knowsas I dothat picking up a soup spoon to feed the less fortunate or a hammer to rebuild homes for those devastated by natural disasters is another important way to serve our nation, just as so many do in uniform. We must honor and support all kinds of American service, whether it is in the military or civilian capacity. I look forward to working with our next President to enact policies like my 21st Century American Service Act that expand service opportunities to all those willing to serve, promote a culture of service and help make higher education more affordable for countless young people." – Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, Iraq War Combat Veteran

"Every day, volunteers in programs like AmeriCorps are making a difference by serving in communities across America. Secretary Clinton's plan builds on national service success, meeting an unmet demand for service opportunities, expanding AmeriCorps and creating a National Service Reserve. Her proposals call on 5 million Americans to give back to their country and be a part of something bigger than themselves. These volunteers will tutor teens, start neighborhood crime watches, and help towns rebuild after disasters. Hillary knows that service is the very spirit of our country. She is committed to giving a new generation of Americans the opportunity to the answer the call to transform communities and transform lives." – Senator Barbara Mikulski

"I applaud Secretary Clinton's bold proposal to expand national service opportunities for young Americans through the creation of a National Service Reserve and the expansion of the AmeriCorps program. As someone who has launched and run both a national and a local AmeriCorps program, I've seen firsthand the transformative power that national service can play in communities and the lives of young people. This is the kind of plan that harnesses the passion and innovative thinking of young people through public service to address many of the challenges we face across our country." – Senator Chris Coons

"A republic cannot long survive if it defers to the few what is the responsibility of us all. It is a sad fact that less than 1% of the nation currently serves in the military, AmeriCorps, and other service organizations combined--though not for lack of interest. AmeriCorps alone regularly turns aside the vast majority of its applicants. I applaud Secretary Clinton's bold initiative to expand opportunities for these eager young Americans to give back to their country. In the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, the flooding in Louisiana, or crises like that in Flint, Michigan, our volunteers are often the first boots on the ground. They are a vital part of our communities' efforts to rebuild and recover, and Secretary Clinton's plan is a clear win for both our country and our citizens." – Congressman John Larson

"Hillary Clinton's plan for a National Service Reserve demonstrates her commitment to our next generation of leaders. Since the creation of AmeriCorps 20 years ago...I have seen how it has positively shaped communities. Hillary's plan to significantly expand AmeriCorps will give more young people the opportunity to serve and carry on the spirit of service." – Congresswoman Doris Matsui"It is no exaggeration to say that my life and career have been shaped by public service. While I have been recognized for this commitment, these experiences have given as much to me as I have to them. I attended college as a single mother and depended on welfare and TRIO to complete my education. After I graduated college, I wanted to do my part for the country that had given me so much. I became an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, working to start a community credit union. The confidence and community I gained from VISTA led me to run for Wisconsin State Assembly, which led me to the State Senate, and eventually the United States House of Representatives. Service begets service, and I am proud to see Hillary Clinton's efforts to not only expand the opportunity for all Americans to serve, but work so that service is economically viable for all -- through living allowances and college scholarships. This proposal will not only benefit our country for generations, but underscores Hillary's belief that we are stronger together." – Congresswoman Gwen Moore"The National Service Reserve will not only enable young men and women to give back to their country, but also equip them with invaluable experiences and training that will enrich their lives. Whether in the military or in the communities, an entire generation can share the sacrifice needed to secure America's future. Indeed, I wholeheartedly endorse Hillary Clinton's plan to make us stronger--together." – Congressman Charles Rangel

"The Millennial Generation wants to serve. They are on the front lines fighting poverty, educating children, reclaiming our environment and restoring neighborhoods after natural disasters, while developing an ethic of common purpose. We need more and bolder ways to tap their energy and idealism. Secretary Clinton's plan to create a National Service Reserve to enlist millions in service, combined with her commitment to grow AmeriCorps to 250,000 participants and make a service year possible for anyone willing to serve is a powerful way to channel young people's desire to make a difference and solve pressing problems in communities across our country." – Alan Khazei, Founder and CEO, Be The Change and Co-Founder and Former CEO, City Year"It's time to say to America's young people -- invest in your communities and we will invest in you. That's what service years do and why we need to expand programs like AmeriCorps to develop the public-spirited leaders our country needs for the future." – Shirley Sagawa, President and CEO of the Service Year Alliance"It is time to expand national service to mobilize a new generation of young Americans to focus their talent and energy on the most pressing challenges facing our communities. From helping students succeed in school, to protecting our environment, to helping communities recover from disasters, there is so much to be done to strengthen our nation. Through their service in AmeriCorps, young people develop as citizen leaders and earn scholarships to help them pay back student loans. Every dollar invested has a fourfold return. National service is a winning idea and a smart investment of taxpayer dollars." – AnnMaura Connolly, President, Voices for National Service

"After the attacks of September 11th, having just graduated from college, I enlisted in the US Army. Through my military service I worked with every race, every class, every ideological and socioeconomic background. Through different, we moved beyond personal differences to achieve a higher common goal. My experience shows me that Hillary Clinton's plan to increase the numbers of Americans who can serve in AmeriCorps and creating an innovative National Service Reserve will go a long way towards creating the cohesive, service oriented nation that will be necessary to tackle the challenges of the years and decades to come." – Joseph Kearns Goodwin, Founder and Executive Director of National Service Now

"Secretary Clinton knows that young Americans are connected as never before to the world....and she would empower them to embrace national service by giving them new opportunities to work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America....to transform our world by combating diseases, improving girls' education, and fighting to save the earth's environment." – Aaron Williams, former Director of the Peace Corps

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