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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - South Carolina Firefighters Announce Support for Mayor Rudy Giuliani

March 08, 2007

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee today announced the support of nearly one hundred firefighters from across South Carolina. South Carolina Firefighters for Rudy represents first responders from across the state who will help build the coalition and communicate Mayor Giuliani's proven record and optimistic vision. The coalition will be chaired by Lewis Hayes, Chief of the Croft Fire Department.

Chief Hayes said, "Rudy Giuliani is the decisive and experienced leader we need to achieve solutions to the challenges our country currently faces. It takes a determined leader to make the kind of transformation he achieved as Mayor of New York — and his record speaks for itself. This is the leadership that makes me proud to be part of the Mayor's campaign.

"Mayor Giuliani's unwavering support for New York's firefighters, police officers and emergency workers demonstrated his deep respect for our efforts. We're proud to support Mayor Giuliani for President and look forward to helping his efforts in South Carolina," Hayes concluded.

Today's announcement comes after a recent town hall meeting Giuliani hosted at the firehouse in North Spartanburg organized by the South Carolina State Firefighters Association and attended by nearly 300 first responders.

"Every day men and women are working in difficult circumstances to keep us safe and I'm honored to have the support of this brave group from across South Carolina," Giuliani said.

South Carolina Firefighters for Rudy:

David Abbott, FF, Taylors FD

Jeff A Bagwell, Roebuck FD

Bobby Baker, Chief, Taylors FD

Tony Barnett, H-M Coordinator, Spartanburg City

Brandon S. Beasley, Volunteer

Ashley Boltin, Staff, SCSFA

Paula Bouknight, Staff, SCSFA

John Bowers, Chief, 2nd Vice President, Camden FD, SCSFA

Jim Bowie, Executive Director, S.C.S.F.A.

Larry Brady, Chief, North Spartanburg FD

Andy Bridwell, Assistant Chief, Drayton FD

Dennis Brown, Firefighter, Boiling Springs FD

Jamie Caggiano, Chief, Cowpens FD

William Cannon, Sgt., Croft FD

Dennis Cash, Sgt., Croft FD

Greg Catalano

Dan Cimini, Assistant Chief, Myrtle Beach FD

Shannon Clobes, Lt., North Spartanburg FD

Robert Collin, North Spartanburg FD

Jason Collins, Volunteer

James Copenhaven, North Spartanburg FD

KR Crenshaw, Una

Shannon Dales, Easley FD

Ken Dittemore, Captain, North Spartanburg FD

Laurie Duffessy, North Spartanburg FD

Doug Eggiman, Executive Committee, Midway FD, SCSFA

David Fila, Lt, North Spartanburg FD

Nicholas Fortener, Firefighter, North Spartanburg FD

Jean Fowler, Commissioner, North Spartanburg FD

Barry Frost, Chief, Duncan FD

Phil Garner, Assistant Chief, Bonham FD

Kandice Goff, Staff, SCSFA

Perry Gosnell, Captain/Assistant Director

Travis Gregg, Firefighter/EMT, Croft FD

Jeff Hannah, Fire Marshall, Taylors FD

Matthew Harmon, Firefighter, Croft FD

Zorrina Harmon, Staff, SCSFA

Brian Harvey, Chief, Roebuck FD

Kelly Hawsey, SCTF-1

Lewis Hayes, Chief, Croft FD

Ryan Howard, Captain, Boiling Springs FD

Matthew Hughes, Firefighter/EMT, Clear Springs

Lee Jeffcoat, Chief, Hollysprings FD

Phil Jolley, Chief, Pelham-Batesville FD

Bill Kennedy, Staff, SCSFA

Ken Kerber, Chief, Executive Committee, Ft. Mill FD, SCSFA

Bruce Kline, Chief, Executive Committee, Lady's Island-St. Helena FD, SCSFA

Brian Lawson, Assistant Chief, Chesnee

Shelia Leske, Firefighter

Brent Lewis, Captain, North Spartanburg FD

Thomas Lindsey, North Spartanburg FD

Joel Lynn, Assistant Chief, Duncan FD

Randy Mathis, Assistant Chief, North Spartanburg FD

JD McCarley, Fire Rescue Union County

John McCarley

Kevin McClain, Vineyards

Scott McClain, Easley

Roger Means,Capt., North Spartanburg FD

Jason Merchant, Assistant Chief, Croft FD

Greg Merritt, Chief, Clear Springs

Scott Miller, Assistant Chief, Boiling Springs FD

Grant Mishoe, Editor, SC ONFIRE

Gabe Mull, Lt., Duncan FD

Pat Murray, Chief, Cherokee Springs FD

James Owens, Chief, Arkwright FD

Michael Pace, Firefighter, Croft FD

Chris Padgett, Firerescue

Joe Palmer, Chief, President, Newberry FD, SCSFA

Josh Parton, Volunteer Firefighter, Una

Alvin Payne, Chief, 4th Vice President, Myrtle Beach FD, SCSFA

A. J. Pearson, Mauldin FD

Chad Perry, Firefighter, North Spartanburg FD

Cheri Perry, Volunteer

Shawn Petrus, Chief, Whitney FD

Allen Pruitt, Firefighter/Medic, Croft FD

Jim Redd, Chief, Tyger River FD

Evan Robinette, Sgt., Croft FD

Harry Roundtree, Chief, Past President, Burton FD, SCSFA

Morris Russel, Chief, 3rd Vice President, Kershaw FD, SCSFA

Mike Sargeant, Liberty

Leroy Searcy, Chief, Boiling Springs FD

Jason Shuler, Firefighter/EMT, Croft FD

Jamie Smith, President, Upstate F.O.O.L.s

Rachel Smith, Croft FD

Rusty Smith, Firefighter, Croft FD

Mike Sonefeld, Chief, Executive Committee, Irmo FD, S.C.S.F.A.

Joey Tanner, Chief, Georgetown FD

Chris Taylor, Firefighter, Spartanburg City

Robert Van Pelt, Assistant Chief, Taylors FD

Matthew Wall, Firefighter, Croft FD

Kathy Walsh, Staff, SCSFA

Todd Williams, Lt., Seneca FD

Carroll Wolfe, Commissioner, North Spartanburg FD

Butch Womack, Chief, Easley FD

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