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Executive Order No. 6443.

November 22, 1933

WHEREAS I have heretofore issued certain Executive orders whereby, by virtue of authority vested in me by Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act of June 16, 1933 (Public No. 67, 73d Congress), I have entered into agreements with members of certain trades or industries providing that, upon specified conditions, they should operate under, and be bound by, certain provisions of certain codes of fair competition approved, or submitted for approval, under said Title I of said Act; and

WHEREAS it appears desirable to make provision for the modification of, or the granting of exceptions to, or exemptions from, said agreements in particular instances where compliance therewith would, on account of peculiar circumstances, cause undue hardship;

Now, THEREFORE, by virtue of authority vested in me by said Title I of said Act, I hereby authorize and empower the Administrator for Industrial Recovery to make such modifications of, and grant such exceptions to, and exemptions from, said agreements, or any similar agreements hereafter entered into or approved by me by Executive order, as he may, after investigation, find necessary in particular instances in order to avoid undue hardship.

Nothing contained herein shall be construed to relate to modifications of, exceptions to, or exemptions from, codes of fair competition approved under said Title I of said Act.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Executive Order No. 6443. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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