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Dole Campaign Press Release - Dole Campaign Wins Endorsement of Colorado Voters

January 26, 1996

The Dole for President campaign today announced the endorsement of two dozen prominent veterans in Colorado. The announcement was made during a wreath laying ceremony at the Colorado War Memorial in Denver attended by the veterans and Robin Dole, daughter of presidential candidate Bob Dole.

General Jack Forrest, who will be Chairman of the Dole for President Veterans Coalition in Colorado, praised the candidacy of Senator Dole. General Forrest said that "as decorated war hero and as distinguished senator, Bob Dole has served on the front lines in the battle to keep America strong and safe. I'm proud to be part of his campaign team and look forward to helping Bob Dole become the next President of the United States."

"Bob Dole served in the armed forces," said Colonel Robert Tonner. "He knows what it means to be a commander, and he has the experience to be a World leader. And he knows the unique concerns of veterans because he spent a long time in rehabilitation after World War II."

"I'm a devoted fan of his," said Colonel Don D'Amico. "I believe he's a very dedicated and honest person who has fought for his country. He'll be a good candidate and President."

Scott Reed, national Dole Campaign Manager, welcomed the endorsements. "We're honored. to have the support of these patriotic veterans from all branches of the armed services. They've made the immense personal sacrifices to defend our country. As President, Bob Dole will keep faith with his fellow veterans and will vigorously reassert American interests wherever and whatever they are challenged around the world."

Dole remains an overwhelming favorite to win the GOP Presidential nomination. The most recent national surveys show Dole leading the Republican field by a huge margin and as the only GOP candidate with the support to beat President Clinton. The latest CNN/USA Today poll, shows Dole leading the Republican field with 55 percent of the vote -- 43 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival.


Lieutenant General Jack Forrest, Dole Colorado Veteran Coalition Chairman

Colonel Robert Tanner

Captain Carl Williams

Technician -- 5th Harold Meyer

Colonel Don D'Amico

Lieutenant Hank Brown

Lieutenant Thomas Frankmore

Seaman Bob Owens

Sergeant Sean Tonner

Airman 1st Class Mason Carpenter

Lieutenant Commander Phil Pankey

Colonel Ed Bland

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bolton

Lieutenant Edward Clarkson

General James Hartinger

Lieutenant Colonel J.J. Inman

Lieutenant Colonel J.W. Kuykendall

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Leib

Colonel Joseph Potter

Lieutenant Colonel Jack Remele

Major Michael Royse

Colonel John Stewart

Specialist Dave Anderson

Sergeant Ed McCluskey

Sergeant David Caldiero

Robert Dole, Dole Campaign Press Release - Dole Campaign Wins Endorsement of Colorado Voters Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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