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DeSantis Campaign Press Release - What They Are Saying: Ron DeSantis Wins the Third Presidential Debate

November 08, 2023

Rep. Chip Roy: I thought Governor DeSantis did an excellent job. It's not surprising, obviously, I've supported him, I endorsed him... You know what I care about? As a governor, DeSantis is actually solving problems. After hurricanes, he actually gets Florida moving again. He's actually standing up and kicking China out of Florida. he actually won by a million and a half votes. You don't have to worry about what's happening in Maricopa County, you don't have to worry about what's happening in Fulton County, Georgia, you don't have to worry about what's happening in Miami Dade County, and whether you get 5000 votes dumped in the ballot if you win by a million and a half votes. And that's the difference. And you know, people nitpick and look at all these little things and head bobs, and you know, I want to see results. Our country is teetering on the edge. And I want to see somebody who can actually get stuff done. And Governor DeSantis has been kicking butt in Florida, and actually his answers were dead on. And I believe him when he says he will take on the cartels at the border. I believe him when he says we'll actually use remittances to pay for the wall on the border instead of coming up with excuses to why you didn't actually make Mexico pay for it.

Iowa Voter: I really liked the way that Ron DeSantis came out, I think, much stronger in this debate than he did in the first one. I liked his answers that were very direct. They were very understandable. I liked that his military background came out. I still swing back to Donald Trump who kept peace for four years. And he was very, very strong in keeping peace. I like that. I think that Ron DeSantis could actually do the same thing for us. You know, if he were elected.

Kurt Schlicter, Townhall: This is clearly the best and most substantive of all the GOP debates. I think Ron DeSantis is winning by carving out a unique vision that is not the establishment answer. It is also not crazy. I think Vivek is annoying people. I think Nikki is having a good night. Christie is just off. #GOPDebate

Scott Jennings, CNN Commentator: Strong open from DeSantis... #gopdebate

Pete Snyder: What a past few days - Gov. @KimReynoldsIA endorsement, 88/99 counties hit in IA and another Presidential performance and 3rd debate win for @GovRonDeSantis. Doing the work to win. #RNCDebate

Scott Morefield: Ron DeSantis goes scorched earth on the Federal Reserve. The Fed should focus on stable prices. They are not an economic central planner for the American people.


Miranda Devine: DeSantis great on the border: "I'm going to stop the invasion cold."

Marcel Teloma: I've seen enough: Ron DeSantis won the debate, and it was not close.

Guy Benson, Townhall: Terrific opening answer from DeSantis

David M. Drucker, Dispatch: DeSantis made a funny. Legit

Iowa Governor Kim Reyolds: If you like what we are doing in Iowa - you'll like @RonDeSantis' vision for this country. It's about delivering results and pushing the conservative movement forward again! #GOPDebate

Chris Loesch: DeSantis won in the substance again. The Vifake astroturf will always love his skeevy used car salesman vibe because they are paid to. Vote appropriately.

Naomi Lim: Casey DeSantis tells reporters in the spin room her husband did an excellent job and she "couldn't be more proud."

Miranda Devine: Pretty good debate. DeSantis overall winner. Strong on border, energy, best concluding statement: "I will not let you down."

Scott Jennings, CNN Commentator: DeSantis rightfully assailing Biden for stressing Islamophobia while antisemitism is raging across the US. #gopdebate

Ben Domenech: They were in fact chanting "Ron".

Frank Luntz: Ron DeSantis borrowed one of Ronald Reagan's best lines: "We win. They lose." It worked then. It worked tonight. #GOPDebate

Dana Loesch, The Dana Show: DeSantis knocked it out of the park with his answer on Israel and backed it up with his actions on Florida. #GOPDebate

Ann Coulter: GREAT answer from DeSantis on sending (more of) Americans' hard earned money to Ukraine!!!

Josh Hammer, Josh Hammer Show: DeSantis totally destroying Haley on the China issue. Ouch.

Curtis Houck, MRCTV: Strong, confident start from DeSantis. We are losing. Time to lead. #GOPDebate

Representative Chip Roy: This is a great opening statement by a leader - a leader who can carry this country forward and... win. #DeSantis2024

Will Chamberlain: Imagine thinking "Ron DeSantis doesn't want to frack in the most sensitive and important ecosystem in the entire country. WE'VE GOT HIM." The Haley campaign isn't sending their best #GOPDebate

Matt Whitlock: Ron DeSantis has a plan to modernize the navy down to the number of ships he wants to build. Donald Trump could never.

John Burk: DeSantis just put America first over foreign students actually supporting our enemies. Yes. Absolutely yes. They're not citizens, kick them out. #GOPdebate

Alexander Nazaryan, Yahoo News: DeSantis argued that he "saved lives" by organizing flights out of Israel: "There could have been more hostages."

Mary Margaret Olohan: .@RonDeSantis: "I already acted in FL. We had a group, @NationalSJP, they said they are common cause with Hamas. They said we are not just in solidarity, this is what we are. We deactivated them. We are not going to use state tax dollars to fund Jihad. No way."

Ann Coulter: DeSantis makes a great point about life expectancy DECLINING in the U.S. (re: Social Security). This isn't a guy who just reads talking points.

Kellie Meyer: "You are going to have hell to pay" @GovRonDeSantis on attacks on our US servicemembers in the Middle East. "We're not going to let our service members be sitting ducks."

AG Hamilton: Strong answer from DeSantis on Hamas-Israel. Says he would tell Netanyahu to finish the job. Get rid of Hamas because they would wipe out every Jew on the planet if they could. Then emphasizes the actions he took to bring Americans home from Israel.

Marcel Teloma: ?Ron DeSantis: I'm sick of Republicans losing, I showed what it's like to win. Crowd ERUPTS.

Ann Coulter: He didn't do it. DeSantis will. Some of us voted on the issues, not because Trump was on "The Apprentice."

Ron DeSantis, DeSantis Campaign Press Release - What They Are Saying: Ron DeSantis Wins the Third Presidential Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/node/370874

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