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Campaign Press Release - Top Five Must-Watch Moments from the Final Presidential Debate

October 22, 2020

President Trump showcased his strength as Joe Biden's weakness was on full display.

At the final presidential debate, Americans watched as President Trump highlighted his impressive record of accomplishment and articulated his vision for the country's future. It offered a stark contrast to Joe Biden's 47 years of failure.

Here are the top five must-watch moments:

  • President Trump slammed Joe Biden's terrible economic agenda, which would cost the average family an estimated $6,500 per year. "His plan is an economic disaster," he said.
  • President Trump condemned Biden's plan to eliminate America's oil industry. "Basically, what he's saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry," he said.
  • President Trump called out Joe Biden for his family profiting off of his position and power in foreign countries. "I don't make money from China, you do. I don't make money from Ukraine, you do. I don't make money from Russia—you made $3.5 million, Joe," he said. "You owe an explanation to the American people."
  • President Trump highlighted his many accomplishments for Black Americans. "Criminal justice reform, prison reform, Opportunity Zones… Historically Black Colleges and Universities… [Biden has] been in government 47 years and never did a thing, except in 1994, when he did such harm to the Black community," President Trump said.
  • President Trump lambasted Joe Biden for his failure to pass meaningful policy during his 47-year political career. "You keep talking about all these things you're going to do, but you were there just a short time ago, and you guys did nothing," he said.

Donald J. Trump, Campaign Press Release - Top Five Must-Watch Moments from the Final Presidential Debate Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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