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Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: CWA Applauds Biden-Harris Plan to Support American Jobs

September 09, 2020

Today, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) released statements from both the CWA President, Chris Shelton and President of IUE-CWA, CWA's Industrial Division, Carl Kennebrew praising Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' plan to support American jobs through the implementation of two new steps. In their statements of support for the plan, both Shelton and Kennebrew called out President Trump for his lack of action in keeping jobs in America, and his role in encouraging companies to move jobs overseas through his tax bill— which was referred to as a "50% off coupon for moving their money and jobs overseas."

The Communications Workers of America issued the following press release:

CWA Applauds Biden-Harris Plan to Support American Jobs

Washington, D.C. — Today, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announced two steps that they will take to stop outsourcing and promote the return of jobs to America, including a series of executive actions during their first days in office.

This stands in stark contrast to the record of the Trump Administration, which has failed to follow through on its promises to bring back good jobs.

Statement from Chris Shelton, President of the Communications Workers of America:

When Donald Trump ran for President in 2016, he talked a big talk about bringing jobs back. So you'd think that when major companies like AT&T moved family-supporting call center jobs to low-wage countries like the Philippines, where they can pay workers less than $2 an hour, Trump would do something about it. We've called on him to take executive action, time and time again. In fact, I went to the Oval Office and asked him myself. But what did he do about it? Nothing at all. Actually, it's even worse than that – he gave companies a 50% tax break on their overseas profits, giving them a huge incentive to move call centers and other facilities out of the country. Trump has been completely MIA when call center workers whose jobs are at risk to offshoring need him the most.

Statement from Carl Kennebrew, President of IUE-CWA, CWA's Industrial Division:

IUE-CWA members have experienced first-hand having employers close the doors and move jobs overseas. In manufacturing, we must look seriously at what politicians say and do about offshoring of American jobs. President Trump talks the talk, but does not walk the walk on keeping jobs in America. On his watch, employers like GE have been cutting jobs from Texas to Virginia to New York and everywhere in between, all while building factories and creating jobs in low-wage countries. The sad truth is that Trump has helped companies move jobs out of the U.S. His tax bill gave companies a 50% off coupon for moving their money and jobs overseas. That's why I'm glad that we have a candidate like Vice President Biden who is serious about reinvigorating American manufacturing and has a strong plan to create millions of new jobs to rebuild our economy.

Joseph R. Biden, Campaign Press Release - ICYMI: CWA Applauds Biden-Harris Plan to Support American Jobs Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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