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Angelica Singleton Van Buren Collection

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Smithsonian Institution Archives: Angelica Van Buren Gowns

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Fascinating details

  • Hannah Hoes Van Buren, Martin Van Buren’s wife, died before he was elected president, resulting in Martin Van Buren not having a first lady for a little over a year.
  • Angelica Van Buren became first lady to Martin Van Buren 11/27/1838 after marrying Martin Van Buren’s son, Abraham Van Buren II. 
  • She implemented some royal manners and practices after a visit to England where she met Queen Victoria and Louise Philippe. 
  • Angelica was the cousin of Dolley Madison, first lady to President James Madison.
  • Her desire to live an upper-class lifestyle and to re-landscape the White House grounds in a manner akin to European royal gardens was part of the inspiration behind political attacks on the president, considering the country was experiencing a deep economic depression.