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The White House: Claudia Alta Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson

National First Ladies Library Biography of Lady Bird Johnson 

Biography: Lady Bird Johnson

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Personal and Organizational Papers: Lady Bird Johnson

National Archives: Sound Recordings of Lady Bird Johnson's Whistle Stop Campaign Tour, October 6, 1964–October 9, 1964

Lady Bird Johnson's 1964 Whistle Stop Tour: Savannah, Georgia

Lady Bird Johnson's 1964 Whistle Stop Tour: Tarboro, NC 

Book: A White House Diary

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Lady “Bird” Johnson’s Birthplace

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Claudia Alta “Lady Bird” Taylor Johnson Gravesite

Fascinating details

  • Was nicknamed “Lady Bird” at an early age by a nurse who said she was as pretty “as a lady bird.”
  • She financed much of Lyndon Johnson’s campaign for senator and, when Lyndon was assigned to active-duty military during WWI in 1941, she managed his office without compensation.
  • Lady Bird bought a local Texas radio station, initiating a long-held family business and taking an active role in the corporation.
  • As wife of the vice president during the Kennedy Administration, she travelled to 33 countries becoming an “ambassador of goodwill.”
  • As a strong proponent of civil rights, she travelled to eight Southern states giving speeches on what is referred to as her whistle-stop tour or the ‘Lady Bird Special,’ promoting her husband’s re-election at a time of contention following the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  • Championed and lobbied for environmental and conservation efforts and legislation.
  • Initiated the Beautification Project, a proposal to relieve America of its urban ills. In 1965, the Highway Beautification Act became law. 
  • Lady Bird appointed a larger, better-trained staff including a press secretary and a social secretary—each with their own teams—and two staff members assigned to aid with the Beautification Project.
  • Named Honorary Chairman of the Congress-initiated ‘Headstart’ educational program.

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