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  • During Dwight Eisenhower’s roles as Chief of Staff, president of Columbia University, and Commander of NATO forces in Paris, Mamie practiced entertaining large groups of important people, signaling that hostess duties would be Mamie’s primary focus as first lady.
  • Mamie Eisenhower was a supporter of traditional roles for men and women, adding feminine touches to the interior décor of the White House.
  • To the surprise of many, Mamie Eisenhower was acknowledged as a fashion icon. “Mamie” even became a trademark for a certain style or taste, such as “Mamie pink” and “Mamie bangs.”
  • Following President Eisenhower’s heart attack in September of 1955, Mamie became involved in raising awareness about heart health and promoting scientific research in this area, assuming the role of national chairmanship of the American Heart Association’s fundraising drive. 
  • She also supported and raised funds for army widows.

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