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  • Edith Roosevelt is Theodore Roosevelt’s second wife. He wrote that “the light has gone out of my life” in response to the death of Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, his first wife. 
  • She departed, somewhat, from the first lady’s traditional role by delegating decisions related to official entertainment, hiring professional caterers and a secretary to handle her official correspondence. Hiring and delegating work to specialists would set the precedent for the further institutionalization of the role of the first lady.
  • Edith also initiated regular meetings with the wives of cabinet members to discuss standards and finances of social events.
  • First ‘first lady’ to promote the idea of the White House as a national treasure. 
  • First ‘first lady’ to occupy the family quarters of the White House. 
  • Edith supported Jacob Riis in his effort to alleviate the suffering of migrant immigrants living in overcrowded living conditions.