(21) Mary Arthur McElroy


Mary Arthur McElroy



Death date



Chester Alan Arthur

Dates of service

09/19/1881- 03/04/1885

Relationship to president


Other marriages

John Edward McElroy



The White House Historical Association: Mary Arthur McElroy

Papers/letters collections

Chester Arthur and Mary McElroy Collection

Historical sites

Mary McElroy Gravesite

Fascinating details

  • President Chester A. Arthur’s wife, Ellen Lewis “Nell” Herndon Arthur, died before he was elected vice president and therefore did not see President Arthur assume the presidency when President Garfield was assassinated.
  • Mary Arthur McElroy, sister of President Arthur, was asked by her brother to assume the social role of hostess. 
  • She is the first ‘first lady’ to be the sibling of the president.
  • Mary Arthur McElroy was part of the Albany Association Opposed to Women’s Suffrage.

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