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Date Related Document Title
Aug 30, 2004 Republican Party Platforms 2004 Republican Party Platform
Aug 27, 2012 Republican Party Platforms 2012 Republican Party Platform
Jul 18, 2016 Republican Party Platforms 2016 Republican Party Platform
Jul 31, 2000 Republican Party Platforms 2000 Republican Party Platform
Jun 22, 1876 Democratic Party Platforms 1876 Democratic Party Platform
errors of our treaties and our diplomacy, which has stripped our fellow-citizens …
Jul 05, 1900 Democratic Party Platforms 1900 Democratic Party Platform
world politics, including the diplomacy of Europe and the intrigue …
Jul 19, 1944 Democratic Party Platforms 1944 Democratic Party Platform
member and the employment of diplomacy, conciliation, arbitration …
Aug 13, 1956 Democratic Party Platforms 1956 Democratic Party Platform
uncertainties of personal diplomacy. They have seen the ties …
Jul 11, 1972 Democratic Party Platforms 1972 Democratic Party Platform
Jul 12, 1976 Democratic Party Platforms 1976 Democratic Party Platform
Aug 11, 1980 Democratic Party Platforms 1980 Democratic Party Platform
Jul 18, 1988 Democratic Party Platforms 1988 Democratic Party Platform
at our disposal, including diplomacy, trade, aid, food, ideas …
Aug 26, 1996 Democratic Party Platforms 1996 Democratic Party Platform
Aug 14, 2000 Democratic Party Platforms 2000 Democratic Party Platform
Jul 27, 2004 Democratic Party Platforms 2004 Democratic Party Platform
to force before exhausting diplomacy. They bully rather than persuade … America's arsenal – our diplomacy, our intelligence system …
Aug 25, 2008 Democratic Party Platforms 2008 Democratic Party Platform
Sep 03, 2012 Democratic Party Platforms 2012 Democratic Party Platform
Jul 21, 2016 Democratic Party Platforms 2016 Democratic Party Platform
power of development and diplomacy. We believe our military …
Jul 16, 1984 Democratic Party Platforms 1984 Democratic Party Platform
contracting horizons: between diplomacy and conflict: between arms … values; the necessity of diplomacy; the pursuit of peace; the …
Aug 17, 2020 Democratic Party Platforms 2020 Democratic Party Platform
Democrats will lead with diplomacy as our tool of first resort …
Oct 21, 1960 Presidential Candidate Debates Presidential Debate in New York
we have been firm in our diplomacy; we have never made concessions … economically, and also to have firm diplomacy. We must have a great goal …
Oct 03, 2000 Presidential Candidate Debates Presidential Debate in Boston
Oct 11, 2000 Presidential Candidate Debates Presidential Debate in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
talking about there. The use of diplomacy in this situation has already … one thing I would say where diplomacy is concerned, Israel should …
Sep 26, 2008 Presidential Candidate Debates Presidential Debate at the University of Mississippi in Oxford
Sep 26, 2016 Presidential Candidate Debates Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York