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Date Related Document Title
Mar 09, 1979 Jimmy Carter Train Trip From Cairo to Alexandria, Egypt Informal Exchange With American Television Correspondents.
Apr 15, 1979 Jimmy Carter Sapelo Island, Georgia Informal Exchanges With Reporters.
May 16, 1979 Jimmy Carter Gasoline Shortages in California Remarks Announcing Measures To Improve the Situation.
Jun 26, 1979 Jimmy Carter Tokyo, Japan Informal Exchange With Reporters.
Jun 29, 1979 Jimmy Carter Tokyo, Japan Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session With Reporters on the OPEC Oil Price Increase.
Jun 29, 1979 Jimmy Carter Tokyo Economic Summit Conference Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session With Reporters.
Jul 01, 1979 Jimmy Carter Remarks During a Background Briefing Given by Administration Officials for Reporters on Board Air Force One on the President's Trip to Japan and the Republic of Korea
Aug 18, 1979 Jimmy Carter Minnesota City, Minnesota Informal Exchange With Reporters at the Docking Site of the Delta Queen.
Aug 31, 1979 Jimmy Carter Plains, Georgia Informal Exchange With Reporters.
Oct 11, 1979 Jimmy Carter San Diego, California Exchange With Reporters on Departure From Lindbergh Field.
Oct 20, 1979 Jimmy Carter Boston, Massachusetts Question-and-Answer Session With Newspaper and Television Reporters.
Dec 21, 1979 Jimmy Carter International Economic Sanctions Against Iran Remarks Announcing Intention To Seek United Nations Action.
Dec 28, 1979 Jimmy Carter Remarks to Reporters on American Hostages in Iran and Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan