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Date Related Document Title
Dec 12, 1855 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 65—Applying Trade Benefits to Province of Newfoundland
Feb 11, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 66—Law and Order in the Territory of Kansas
May 28, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 68—Revoking the Exequator of the British Consul at New York
May 28, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 69—Revoking the Exequatur of the Bristish Consul at Philadelphia
May 28, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 67—Revoking the Exequatur of the Bristish Consul at Cincinnati
Jun 02, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 70—Defining the Boundary Between the United States and Mexico
Aug 18, 1856 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 71—Convening an Extra Session of Congress
Feb 16, 1857 Franklin Pierce Proclamation 72—Convening an Extra Session of the United States Senate
Dec 24, 1857 James Buchanan Proclamation
Feb 25, 1858 James Buchanan Proclamation—Abolishing Discriminating Duties in the Case of the Papal States
Apr 06, 1858 James Buchanan Proclamation—Rebellion in the Territory of Utah
Jun 14, 1858 James Buchanan Proclamation—Convening a Special Session of the Senate
Oct 30, 1858 James Buchanan Proclamation
Feb 26, 1859 James Buchanan Proclamation
Jun 25, 1860 James Buchanan Proclamation
Feb 11, 1861 James Buchanan Proclamation
Apr 15, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 80—Calling Forth the Militia and Convening an Extra Session of Congress
Apr 19, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 81—Declaring a Blockade of Ports in Rebellious States
Apr 27, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 82—Extension of Blockade to Ports of Additional States
May 03, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 83—Increasing the Size of the Army and Navy
May 10, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 84—Declaring Martial Law, and Suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus in the Islands of Key West
Aug 12, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 85—Proclaiming a Day of National Humiliation, Prayer, and Fasting
Aug 16, 1861 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 86—Prohibiting Commercial Trade with States in Rebellion
Feb 19, 1862 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 87—Celebration of George Washington's Birthday
Apr 10, 1862 Abraham Lincoln Proclamation 88—Day of Public Thanksgiving for Victories During the Civil War