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Date Related Document Title
Feb 19, 1981 Ronald Reagan Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session on the Program for Economic Recovery at a Breakfast for Newspaper and Television News Editors
Kennedy's line about it was, "a risingtide lifts allboats." And this is what we believe …
May 28, 1981 Ronald Reagan Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session With State and Local Officials During a White House Briefing on the Program for Economic Recovery
answers, such as he said, "A risingtide raises allboats." And he stuck to his guns …
Jun 29, 1981 Ronald Reagan Remarks in Denver, Colorado, at the Annual Convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
by John F. Kennedy that a risingtide lifts allboats. Yes, I know it's been said …
Apr 27, 1984 Ronald Reagan Remarks to Chinese Community Leaders in Beijing, China
describe such progress: "A risingtide lifts allboats." In the United States, as …
Oct 02, 1984 Ronald Reagan Remarks at a Reagan-Bush Rally in Brownsville, Texas
Kennedy once said that "A risingtide lifts allboats." Well, arising
Jan 18, 1986 Ronald Reagan Radio Address to the Nation on Martin Luther King, Jr., and Black Americans
following his own tax cuts, a risingtide lifts allboats. So, we've done some boat …
Nov 19, 1987 Ronald Reagan Remarks to the United States Chamber of Commerce on the Economy and Deficit Reduction
John Kennedy once said, a risingtide lifts allboats; an America where people …
Nov 19, 1987 Ronald Reagan Remarks at a White House Briefing for Members of Business Partners
President Kennedy who said: A risingtide lifts allboats. And in the last 59 months … American people have enjoyed a rising