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Date Related Document Title
Sep 06, 1971 Richard Nixon Address to the Nation on Labor Day.
Good afternoon: On this LaborDay, 1971, I call upon all Americans … people, is alive and well on LaborDay, 1971. The dignity of work … American people. On this Labor
Aug 29, 1972 Richard Nixon Letter Accepting the Resignation of Arthur K. Watson as United States Ambassador to France.
to return to Paris after LaborDay to say our farewells. Then …
Sep 03, 1972 Richard Nixon Labor Day Message.
My fellow Americans: On this LaborDay, 1972, America's working … lower now than it was last LaborDay. We are not going to be satisfied … LaborDay Message …
Aug 31, 1973 Richard Nixon Labor Day Message.
progressive nation in the world. On LaborDay we pay tribute to the working … now. For all of us, then, LaborDay 1973 should be a time of … LaborDay Message …
Aug 12, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Address to a Joint Session of the Congress
For a start, before your LaborDay recess, Congress should reactivate …
Aug 24, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Statement on the Council on Wage and Price Stability Act.
monitoring agency before its LaborDay recess. Today--less than …
Aug 30, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Remarks at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
appropriately discuss at a LaborDay weekend commencement. It … speaking of gasoline for a LaborDay trip to the lake or the seashore …
Sep 02, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Labor Day Statement.
will do their part. On this LaborDay, I say to my fellow Americans … LaborDay Statement …
Sep 02, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Statement on the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.
that this law be signed on LaborDay, since this act marks a brighter …
Sep 02, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Remarks on Signing the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
this is really an historic LaborDay-historic in the sense that … and to have it happen on LaborDay is a tribute to the American …
Oct 18, 1974 Gerald R. Ford Remarks at the Dedication of the New Department of Labor Building.
dedicate today demonstrates that LaborDay is not confined to a single … in September. Every day is LaborDay in the view of this Administration …
Aug 30, 1975 Gerald R. Ford Remarks at the Maine AFL-CIO Field Day Program in Augusta.
individuals on fixed incomes. LaborDay is no holiday' for those … to make every day a real LaborDay. And we are going to do it … Meany that jobs are what Labor
Aug 31, 1975 Gerald R. Ford Remarks for Labor Day
process and spirit. Yet, LaborDay is no holiday for those who … own. Let us this year give LaborDay special meaning by considering … encouraging factor on this Labor
Aug 31, 1975 Gerald R. Ford Message on the Observance of Labor Day.
America's working men and women, LaborDay offers an excellent opportunity … Message on the Observance of LaborDay
Feb 09, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Remarks at a Meeting on the Bicentennial Exposition on Science and Technology.
May 30 and running through LaborDay--will see firsthand the best …
Aug 24, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Exchange With Reporters in Vail, Colorado.
should come a day or two after LaborDay, and I suggest perhaps September …
Aug 29, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Remarks at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
clergy, ladies and gentlemen: LaborDay, next weekend, marks the …
Sep 02, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Statement Urging Highway Safety Over the Labor Day Weekend.
AS WE approach the LaborDay holiday, travelers once again … these were killed during the LaborDay holiday--an 18-percent increase … with our traffic laws this Labor
Sep 05, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Remarks for Labor Day
LaborDay has a special significance … grow stronger every day. LaborDay stands for America's greatest … Remarks for LaborDay
Sep 14, 1976 Gerald R. Ford Interview on the NBC News' Program "Today."
for the first time since LaborDay at the University of Michigan …
Sep 02, 1977 Jimmy Carter Message on the Observance of Labor Day, 1977
On LaborDay, our nation salutes the decency … economic justice. On this LaborDay, let us affirm our determination … Message on the Observance of LaborDay, 1977 …
Aug 17, 1978 Jimmy Carter The President's News Conference
Congress as you come up to the LaborDay recess? THE PRESIDENT. I …
Aug 24, 1978 Jimmy Carter Federal Civil Service Reform Statement on Senate Passage of the Legislation.
legislation when it returns from LaborDay recess. I hope the House …
Sep 01, 1978 Jimmy Carter Message on the Observance of Labor Day, 1978
On this, the second LaborDay of my Administration, more … good cause to celebrate this LaborDay. In the last 12 months, more … to be thankful for on this Labor
Aug 30, 1979 Jimmy Carter Labor Day Statement by the President.
LaborDay has traditionally been a … accomplishments. This is the third LaborDay of my Presidency. In these … LaborDay Statement by the President …