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Date Related Document Title
Sep 06, 1936 Franklin D. Roosevelt Labor Day Message to the Workers of America.
United States: I send hearty LaborDay greetings to America's workers … Labor's annual day approaches. LaborDay is a day on which it is natural … LaborDay Message to the Workers of …
Sep 02, 1927 Calvin Coolidge Excerpts of the President's News Conference in Rapid City, South Dakota
PRESS: IS it your plan LaborDay to come to the office? PRESIDENT … look after would be here on LaborDay the same as any other day …
Sep 01, 1924 Calvin Coolidge Address to a Group of Labor Leaders on Labor Day
LaborDay is more entitled than any … state legislative action. LaborDay had its origin in national … Group of Labor Leaders on LaborDay
Oct 21, 1915 Woodrow Wilson Executive Order 2262—Prescribing Consular Regulations for Maintaining the Rights and Enforcing the Duties of American Sailors in Foreign Ports
Year's Day, Fourth of July, LaborDay, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas …
Feb 02, 1914 Woodrow Wilson Executive Order 1888—Providing Conditions of Employment for the Permanent Force for the Panama Canal
22d, May 30th, July 4th, LaborDay, Thanksgiving Day, and December …
Sep 07, 1903 Theodore Roosevelt Address to the New York State Agricultural Association, Syracuse, NY
In speaking on LaborDay at the annual fair of the …
Sep 07, 1903 Theodore Roosevelt Remarks at the State Fair in Syracuse, New York
citizens: In speaking on LaborDay at the annual fair of the …
Sep 01, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt Remarks in Rutland, Vermont
the citizens of Vermont on LaborDay. And before I address myself … duties than this holiday of LaborDay. The material side of our …
Sep 01, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt Remarks in Bellows Falls, Vermont
doubly fortunate to be here on LaborDay. A very, very good deal can …
Sep 01, 1902 Theodore Roosevelt Remarks in Middlebury, Vermont
be with you in Vermont on LaborDay, because Vermonters have …