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Apr 22, 2006 George W. Bush Remarks at a Republican National Committee Reception in Indian Wells, California
realize this, but today is EarthDay, and Mary has led the way …
Apr 24, 2006 George W. Bush Remarks on Immigration Reform and a Question-and-Answer Session in Irvine, California
Then I rode my bicycle on EarthDay in Napa Valley. Then I found …
Mar 28, 2007 George W. Bush Remarks to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association
remind people, every day is EarthDay if you make a living off …
Apr 22, 2009 Barack Obama Proclamation 8364—Earth Day, 2009
such challenges before, and EarthDay inspires us to transcend … Proclamation 8364—EarthDay, 2009 …
Apr 22, 2009 Barack Obama Remarks at Trinity Structural Towers Manufacturing Plant in Newton, Iowa
planet is so high. So on this EarthDay, it is time for us to lay …
Mar 31, 2010 Barack Obama Remarks at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland
time in just a few days, on EarthDay. If tests go as planned …
Apr 13, 2010 Barack Obama Videotaped Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
year to organize the first EarthDay to call attention to the … celebrate the 40th anniversary of EarthDay, I want to leave you with … on the 40th Anniversary of EarthDay
Apr 21, 2010 Barack Obama Proclamation 8503—Earth Day, 2010
our Nation, and the first EarthDay, as it became known, saw … On the 40th anniversary of EarthDay, we come together to reaffirm … One year before the first Earth
Apr 22, 2010 Barack Obama Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day
we celebrate 40 years of EarthDay. Now, obviously, Earth has … on the 40th Anniversary of EarthDay
Apr 22, 2011 Barack Obama Proclamation 8657—Earth Day, 2011
Nation has come together on EarthDay to appreciate and raise awareness … communities and wildlife. EarthDay is an opportunity to renew … for future generations. On Earth
Apr 20, 2012 Barack Obama Proclamation 8802—Earth Day, 2012
together to celebrate the first EarthDay. Students, teachers, activists … today. As we commemorate EarthDay this year, we reflect on … years that followed the first Earth
Apr 19, 2013 Barack Obama Proclamation 8962—Earth Day, 2013
safeguard our environment. On EarthDay, we celebrate our rich legacy … future generations. The first EarthDay marked a renewal of America's … Proclamation 8962—EarthDay, 2013 …
Apr 22, 2013 Barack Obama Remarks at the White House Science Fair
science fair, it's also the 43d EarthDay. So I want to give a special …
Apr 21, 2014 Barack Obama Proclamation 9106—Earth Day, 2014
thick haze of smog. The first EarthDay was a call to action for … clean air and water. This EarthDay, we remember that when Americans … the mission of the first Earth
Apr 24, 2014 Barack Obama Remarks at the Miraikan Science Expo in Tokyo, Japan
just are a few days after EarthDay, it's important when we look …
Apr 18, 2015 Barack Obama The President's Weekly Address
Hi, everybody. Wednesday is EarthDay, a day to appreciate and … national security. And on EarthDay, I'm going to visit the Florida …
Apr 21, 2015 Barack Obama Proclamation 9259—Earth Day, 2015
Americans celebrated the first EarthDay in cities across our Nation … strengthening our economy. On EarthDay, let us join with communities … Proclamation 9259—EarthDay, 2015 …
Apr 22, 2015 Barack Obama Remarks at Everglades National Park in Homestead, Florida
of a better way to spend EarthDay than in one of our Nation's …
Apr 21, 2016 Barack Obama Proclamation 9426—Earth Day, 2016
future generations. The first EarthDay helped transform the ways … people who came together on EarthDay in 1970 embraced their responsibility … Proclamation 9426—EarthDay, 2016 …
Apr 22, 2016 Barack Obama The President's News Conference With Prime Minister David W.D. Cameron of the United Kingdom in London, England
generations. And today, on EarthDay, our governments, along with …
Apr 23, 2016 Barack Obama Remarks and a Question-and-Answer Session at a Young Leaders of the United Kingdom Town Hall Meeting in London, England
just signed yesterday on EarthDay, the agreement we shaped …
Apr 22, 2019 Donald J. Trump Message on Earth Day, 2019
EarthDay is a celebration of the abundant … Federal lands. As we observe EarthDay, I hope all Americans will … Message on EarthDay, 2019 …
Apr 22, 2020 Donald J. Trump Message on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
Since 1970, EarthDay has provided an opportunity … On the 50th anniversary of EarthDay, we pay tribute to our Nation's … on the 50th Anniversary of EarthDay
Apr 22, 2020 Donald J. Trump Remarks at an Earth Day and Arbor Day Tree-Planting Ceremony
celebrate the 50th annual EarthDay, National Park Week, and … to be very happy. On this EarthDay, we celebrate that America … on the 50th anniversary of Earth
Apr 22, 2020 Donald J. Trump Remarks at a White House Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing