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• John F. Kennedy
Remarks to the Boys' and Men's Choir of Poznan, Poland.
March 11, 1963


We express our very warm welcome to you here--if not by the weather at least by our personal sentiments. We have heard the best things about you since you have arrived in our country.

I am delighted that you are going to tour the United States. And I am delighted that the songs that you sing, which stretch back really as part of your repertoire over a period of 500 years, are the best in the great traditions of your country and all of the influences which have played such a powerful part in making the character of the Polish people.
So we are very glad to have you here. I think you will find as you go around the United States that there is no country or people for whom my countrymen have a stronger feeling of admiration for than the people of Poland. So, in representing them, you come to a friendly country.

I am glad that Senator Hart and Congressman Rooney arranged for you to visit the White House, and perhaps you could sing a song for us, if you would.

Citation: John F. Kennedy: "Remarks to the Boys' and Men's Choir of Poznan, Poland.", March 11, 1963. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.
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