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Press Release - King County Executive Ron Sims Endorses Clinton
September 4, 2007
Sims Will Serve as Co-Chair of Washington Campaign, Join Environment and Energy Task Force

The Clinton Campaign today announced the endorsement of King County Executive Ron Sims and named him a Co-Chair of Hillary's Washington campaign and a member of the campaign's Environment and Energy Task Force.

"At this critical time in our history, Hillary Clinton is the experienced leader this country needs to deliver the change it demands," Sims said. "She will provide the national leadership essential to meeting the challenges of climate change that threaten our economy, environment and public health. She also understands and values the role local governments play as partners in seeking innovative solutions to our most pressing concerns nationally, including providing access to affordable quality healthcare to all Americans."

"Ron's courage and achievements in King County have produced environmental programs that are models for other governments across the nation," Clinton said. "He is a bold leader who has put King County at the forefront in battling global warming and reforming health care. I'm honored that he'll help lead our effort in Washington and nationally."

Sims is serving his third term as King County Executive, a metropolitan area that includes the city of Seattle and 1.8 million residents. King County is home to about 30 percent of Washington state's population and alone accounts for more than 40 percent of the state's jobs. The County government has a workforce of over 13,000 and an annual budget of $4.4 billion.

Sims was named a Public Official of the Year by Governing Magazine in 2006 for being an across the board innovator. The Sierra Club awarded him its prestigious Edgar Wayburn Award in 2006, an honor traditionally given to federal lawmakers. In May, Sims was among six individuals given the Climate Protection Award from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sims has made King County an environmental leader, operating one of the largest and greenest transit agencies in the nation. Sims spearheaded a shift to biofuels and hybrid technology resulting in Metro operating the world's largest fleets of articulated hybrid buses. His Climate Plan, which is aimed at reducing and adapting to the effects of global warming, has been lauded as one of the most comprehensive in the nation.

Sims serves in several national leadership positions, including as President of the National Democratic County Officials; advisory board member for the Brookings Institute's Urban and Metropolitan Policy Program; and on the Board of Directors for the Center for Clean Air Policy in Washington D.C.

Sims joins Rep. Jay Inslee as a Washington Campaign Co-Chair.

Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Ron marched alongside his politically active parents in the struggle for racial equality, and honed a passion for civil rights issues that has been a guidepost throughout his political career.

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