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• John F. Kennedy
Letter to Arrow (by, for and About American Indians) by Senator John F. Kennedy
October 1, 1960

There is much to be done in the field of Indian affairs and I intend to work vigorously at the job. Our Democratic platform, in which I strongly believe, recognizes the unique legal and moral responsibility of the Federal Government for Indians in restitution for the injustice that has sometimes been done them. Our platform pledges prompt adoption of a program to assist Indian tribes in the full development of their human and natural resources and to advance the health, education, and economic well-being of Indian citizens while preserving their cultural heritage.

A new Democratic administration will bring competent, sympathetic, and dedicated leadership to the administration of Indian affairs which will end practices that have eroded Indian rights and resources, reduced the Indians' land base and repudiated Federal responsibility.

Indian claims against the United States can and will be settled promptly.


Citation: John F. Kennedy: "Letter to Arrow (by, for and About American Indians) by Senator John F. Kennedy", October 1, 1960. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.
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