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• Gerald R. Ford
Letter Accepting the Resignation of Secretary of Labor John T. Dunlop.
January 14, 1976

Dear John:

It was with the deepest regret that I received your letter of January 13, 1976, indicating your decision to resign as Secretary of Labor and Coordinator of the President's Labor-Management Committee.

Although I understand your reasons for making this decision and accept your resignation, you should know that I do so with very great reluctance.

During the eleven months you have served as Secretary of Labor, you have demonstrated your strong devotion to public service and your deep understanding of labor issues in the country. Your contributions to the development of a sound set of policies and organization for the Department of Labor have been both extensive and effective. You have attracted to the Department a strong cadre of top quality administrators, and as you leave, you can take great pride in the fact that the Department is well equipped to deal with the complex problems that confront it daily.

Your role in my Administration, however, has encompassed far more than just leadership of the Department of Labor. Your deep involvement in the deliberations of the Economic Policy Board and your untiring and diligent efforts with the Labor-Management Committee have been of enormous value not only to me but to your colleagues in those endeavors. You will be greatly missed by all who have had the privilege of working with you.

As you leave the Administration, I want you to know you do so with my deepest gratitude for your dedicated service to me and to the Nation. You have richly earned the admiration and respect of your fellow citizens.

Betty joins me in wishing you and Dorothy the very greatest personal happiness and good fortune as you return to private life.
With warmest personal regards,


[The Honorable John T. Dunlop, Secretary of Labor, Washington, D.C. 20210]

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