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• Gerald R. Ford
Message to the Senate Transmitting the United States-Poland Convention on Income Tax.
January 23, 1975

To the Senate of the United States:

I transmit herewith, for Senate advice and consent to ratification, the Convention between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Polish People's Republic for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Income as well as a related exchange of notes.

I also transmit for the information of the Senate, the report of the Department of State with respect to this Convention.

The Convention was signed on October 8, 1974, during the visit to Washington of Polish First Secretary Edward Gierek and is the first income tax convention between the two countries. The Convention is similar to other income tax conventions recently concluded by this Government and it is expected to encourage and support the growing interest in bilateral trade and investment between the two countries. It provides rules of tax jurisdiction, reduces or eliminates tax liability in certain cases, ensures nondiscriminatory tax treatment and provides for administrative cooperation.

I recommend that the Senate give this Convention and related exchange of notes early and favorable consideration and give its advice and consent to ratification.

The White House,
January 23, 1975.

Citation: Gerald R. Ford: "Message to the Senate Transmitting the United States-Poland Convention on Income Tax.", January 23, 1975. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.
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