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• Lyndon B. Johnson
Toasts of the President and President-elect Costa e Silva of Brazil.
January 26, 1967

President-elect Costa e Silva, Madame Costa e Silva, Excellencies, distinguished guests:

It is a good day for us when one of our fallow Americas comes to visit us in this house. It inspires us to feel again how very much we have in common in this hemisphere-how interdependent we really are-and how very closely our destinies are woven together.

We even try to bring the weather into line--so that a Washington winter day will not be many degrees removed from a Brazilian summer.

Very soon, now, sir, you and I will have even more to share.

I mean, what our President Thomas Jefferson said, "the splendid misery" of national leadership.

After March 15, that mixture of splendor and misery will be your daily fare, as it is mine.

You will know splendor, as you work for a more abundant life for your people.

And you will certainly know misery, as you try hard to discover not only how to do what is right but to discover what is really right. The only certainty, Mr. President elect, is that you will have to act.

Fortunately for you and me, our countries are blessed with great natural wealth. They are blessed with confident and vigorous people. We are big. We are still growing. We can still experiment. We can still make mistakes and still survive.

The assurance that our people seek is not that we make no mistakes, but that we shall really never tire of seeking education for our children, better health for all of our families, better housing for all of our people, and equal justice for every man. They can tolerate honest error, but they cannot abide indifference.

Mr. President-elect, I know the goals that you seek for the good people of Brazil.

For our part, we here in America shall do all that we can do to try to help you attain those goals. The United States, today as in the past, has much at stake in Brazil.

You were our comrades in the Second War. I shall not forget that you were the first to join us in helping the Dominican people resist totalitarian rule--in making it possible for them to freely choose their own destiny instead of having it imposed upon them. That, sir, was an act of responsible statesmanship for which every free nation of America should be grateful.

Sir, we welcome you to this Capital and to this house. Know that as geography has made us neighbors, history and hope have made us friends.

Our good and delightful friends, who have honored us with your presence today, I should like to ask all of you to join with me in a toast to His Excellency, President-elect Costa e Silva and to the great nation of Brazil.

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