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• John F. Kennedy
Telegram from Senator John F. Kennedy to NBC and ABC on Fifth Debate
October 10, 1960

(Following is the text of a telegram Senator John F. Kennedy sent to the National Broadcasting Co. and the American Broadcasting Co., October 10, 1960:)

I am delighted to accept your proposal to appear for a fifth time with Mr. Nixon early in November. I hope you will be joined by the other networks in this endeavor. In a political campaign of such importance as this one, I do not believe we should permit the last 18 days of the campaign to go by without one further face-to-face exchange between the two candidates. The first two joint appearances have demonstrated their value. Some 130 million Americans were tuned in - an unparalleled audience for a political program. I believe this audience demonstrates the keen interest the American people have in this election. In today's world, the issues shift quickly and I believe that a fifth appearance would fill the void left in the present scheduling. I hope that Mr. Nixon will join in this proposal. With his agreement, our representatives could work out a format for this last joint appearance before the election.


Citation: John F. Kennedy: "Telegram from Senator John F. Kennedy to NBC and ABC on Fifth Debate", October 10, 1960. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.
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