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• Herbert Hoover
Message to the American Palestine Committee.
January 17, 1932

[Released January 17, 1932. Dated January 11, 1932 ]

My dear Mr. Neumann :

I am interested to learn that a group of distinguished men and women is to be formed to spread knowledge and appreciation of the rehabilitation which is going forward in Palestine under Jewish auspices, and to add my expression to the sentiment among our people in favor of the realization of the age-old aspirations of the Jewish people for the restoration of their national homeland. I shall appreciate it if you will present my cordial greetings to those attending the dinner in Washington on January 17th to advance this enterprise.
Yours faithfully,

[Mr. Emanuel Neumann, The Zionist Organization, 111 Fifth Avenue, New York City]

Citation: Herbert Hoover: "Message to the American Palestine Committee.", January 17, 1932. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.
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