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Pool report #4 - women's event and correx to 3a
Francesca Chambers • Daily Mail
March 29, 2017: 04:31 PM

Small note: in the previous report, Solomon said he was a thief and a *liar.

When pool entered at 3:46 Nikki Haley was speaking on a panel with DeVos, Verma, and McMahon that was moderated by Bondi.

Pence was seated in the front row on the right side, as was Omarosa Manigault. Kellyanne Conway and her 12-year-old daughter were on the left.

Someone pool did not see - Ivanka. A White House staffer confirmed she was not there.

Bondi called the women on the panel her "idols" and said they were "role models" to many in the room.

The president and first lady entered at 3:50 pm to applause and a standing ovation.

"What an amazing audience this is. So many young faces that represent the future of leadership in this country," POTUS remarked.

He thanked his wife for being there, prompting more applause.

Melania is a "highly accomplished woman" he said and "an inspiration to many."

"And she is doing some great job."

He remarked that he shouldn't say this but, her "poll numbers" are through the roof.

"She had to give us the secret…."

He said his cabinet is full of many incredible, women leaders.

Mentioning he said she is his "good friend from South Carolina, who is a very tough competitor."

That drew laughter and clapping, as well.

Bondi, he said is "highly respected."

Chao would not be there because she's celebrating the 50th anniversary of the DOT. "She's doing incredibly. "

"We're going to work on infrastructure," he said, mentioning the bill he's going to put forward.

Pool could not hear what he said in between over clapping, but he then said, "We are going to rebuild our county."

Moments later, he said, "And I want to thank Ford. You saw their big announcement yesterday."

Over commotion it then sounded like he said, "They're not leaving. They're staying."

This week as we conclude women's history month, we honor great American women he said.

Abigail Adams, Harriett Tubman – "she was very, very courageous" - Susan B. Anthony. "Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony?" he asked the room.

"Only by enlisting the full potential of women in our society will be truly able to, and you have not heard this expression before, make America great again."

For that he received Sustained clapping and a standing ovation.

"My administration will work every day to ensure that our economy is a place where women can work, succeed and thrive like never before," he said.

That includes access to affordable childcare, he specifically stated.

Trump brought up his women entrepreneurs meeting earlier this year.

"Just think of what our country could achieve if we unleashed the power of women entrepreneurs nationwide," he said.

"I stand before you as president, but if I weren't president" he said he wouldn't be happy "because there's no way we can compete with you,".

"You just have a big advantage over us, you know why? Right there." POTUS presumably pointed to something, but it was out of eyesight of your print pooler.

Trump said he was honored to be there.

"In fact Melania said, 'This is something I just have to be at.' She feels so strongly about it," Trump said to more clapping.

At 4:01 pm he and FLOTUS exited and pool remained in place for a little longer. Melania wore a long white coat, with a sash.

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