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3/15 Travel pool #10
Adrian Carrasquillo • BuzzFeed
March 15, 2017: 04:14 PM

Previous pool report should be #9.

Sean Spicer gaggle highlights:

- Spicer said officials are flooding the zone on health care. HHS Secretary Price on CNN tonight and Trump on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

- On the Yahoo-Russia hack Spicer said he was not aware if the Department of Justice read anyone from the administration in.

- On whether the president would follow up with Legal action against MSNBC for publishing his taxes: "I would have to follow up with the president's lawyer. It is illegal to publish someone's personal tax returns."

Spicer said it's ironic to have NBC news brag about releasing the taxes when NBC News has sat in briefings questioning the administration's integrity and whether it is being truthful. On air they "sat there and speculated openly whether the president was behind this," Spicer said, calling it "despicable."

- Spicer answered "no" to whether Trump released the tax returns himself. "The president did not release them and I think it's offensive to ask that question."

- On whether the president would release more taxes because of the MSNBC release, Spicer said no. "They were provided to us to ask us for comment. To use one illegal act to say we should act further on that is preposterous."

"Because they obtained one year illegally we should respond in kind is preposterous."

- On whether wiretapping evidence will emerge Spicer said, "As we go through the process the president feels very comfortable there is information out there on surveillance." Spicer again said that Trump used the wiretap generally, putting it in quotes.

- On what could be in the AHCA manager's amendment Spicer said he's not privy to the specifics and that there are a lot of ideas out there.

- On whether the White House believes there are enough votes in the senate on the health care bill. "I don't mean to sound evasive but the first goal is to get it through the house and then go from there."

- Spicer says the White House is not going to interfere on congressional requests to the FBI director on information regarding Trump campaign's possible ties to Russia. Spicer said every member that has spoken publicly and been briefed said there's no connection between Russia and the campaign, citing James Clapper, Tom Cotton, Richard Burr and Devin Nunes.

- Spicer said Trump spoke with the mayor of Flint, Karen Weaver but it was a short two minute meeting and he didn't have specifics.

- Spicer said he believes Trump will speak about health care at the rally in Nashville tonight and will try to get more info.

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