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VP St. Louis pool #6 -- listening session spray
Elizabeth Landers • CNN
February 22, 2017: 01:05 PM

We have arrived at the Fabick Cat distribution center in Fenton, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

The pool was escorted into a large open warehouse. There is a rectangular table arrangement with microphones. The Vice President is seated in the middle with Kelli Fabick to his right and Doug Fabick to his left.

Governor Greitens is across from him, as is Ann Wagner, Congresswoman for the 2nd District here in Missouri which includes part of St. Louis.

The Vice President walked into the room with Gov. Greitens. He shook hands with all the invited guests- 17 guests total- and James Henderson of Dynamic Sales Co handed him a book titled "Like Father Like Son."

VP sat at 13:48:45. CEO Doug Fabick made introductory comments. No real news in the spray- Doug Fabick mentioned that his business has been in the pipeline business "forever" and that when Keystone was halted, it affected "thousands of machines and suppliers." That was apparently news to the Vice President who said as much as he thanked everyone around the table. Congresswoman Wagner said that this area of St Louis knows what it's like to have the government "on your back." The pool was escorted out as VP was saying that he had just gotten off the phone with POTUS who was excited that he was here talking about small business.

We are holding on the distribution floor in another room as we wait for VP to walk through for a tour.


Doug fabick- Fabick Cat is 5th generation company. 100 years in business this year. We are well-seasoned company for business regulations. Started with 7 companies.

Keenly focused on small business; mom and pop shops; we're looking for a lot of excitement with this administration so that can get. Ether

13:50- Fabick family been in the pipeline business forever; Alaska pipeline; keystone was stopped, we had thousands of machines and suppliers that were. Friends and family

13:50:55- Vp- how about a round of applause for Fabick. Thank you so much for warm hospitality. Congrats on 100 years- incredible American milestone. Source of great pride to community and state. News to me that you're in the pipeline business. Hope is that you're busier than you've ever been

13:51:54- I was for Eric Greitens before it was cool. I was so impressed with him from early on. Missouri is on the move and Greitens we are so impressed

13:52:27- Greitens- folks around table are engaged in civic, philanthropic activities

13:52:52- VP thanks Ann Wagner

Wagner- surrounded by men and women that can tell you what it's like to have government on your back and in your way. President trump and leg efforts

13:53:34- Vp- thanks for hosting us. Thank you... just spoke with president and he's very excited

Pool escorted out at 13:54.

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