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In-town pool report #4
Adrian Carrasquillo • BuzzFeed
February 16, 2017: 11:57 AM

President Trump walked into the Roosevelt room in his trademark red tie flanked by Vice President Mike Pence in a bright blue tie. Representatives yelled "Good morning!" and applauded the president. One correction, Rep. Marsha Blackburn was not on the list of expected attendees provided by the administration but POTUS pulled out her chair before sitting down next to her across the table from Pence.

POTUS opening:

"Hello everybody, what a nice group. Thank you all for being here. I had a lot of good discussions this morning I'm negotiating a lot of contracts that are saving billions and billions of dollars for the American people and for all of us and I'm very proud of that. You know the F-35 fighter jet, the Air Force One program which was totally out of control and now it's back (inaudible from photographers snapping.)

In addition I had a very good phone call this morning about a major plant that is moving back to the United States, we'll be talking about it very soon. What I do have is a little free time at about 12 o'clock, so, I don't think the press will want to show up but I think I'll have a press conference probably at 12 o'clock in the East Room. We have a little time in between then so if the press would like to show up, I don't, will anyone show up for that press conference? (Laughter from members of congress) Historically they didn't care about these things.

POTUS on his rally:

On Saturday, I think it's going to be around 4 o'clock and I hear the tickets, you can't get 'em. That's OK. That's better than if you have too many, right? So it's gonna be great, I look forward to that.

POTUS on support of those in the room:

I really appreciate you folks, you folks have been so great, right from the beginning. Tom, right? Right at the beginning, just about every one of you, right at the beginning. Some were a little after the beginning. (Laughter)


- Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) called the group of early supporters the "Trump caucus."

- Rep Bill Shuster (R-PA) noted that he is on the transportation and infrastructure committee and POTUS said "That's right, I'm going to give you some money for transportation."

- Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) asked for 30 seconds and took a couple minutes giving POTUS a gift from a constituent in their 60s who had never registered or voted before but voted for Trump. The gift was either a painting or a photo but pool never had an angle to see what it was. "Beautiful, thank you," Trump said. He also gave Trump a jersey and Pence a hat from a local baseball team. Someone said "beware members of congress bearing gifts."

More to come after presser.

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