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3/15 Travel pool #5
Adrian Carrasquillo • BuzzFeed
March 15, 2017: 02:13 PM

The Fox News crew walked in front of the press vans with Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller excitedly chatting and laughing as they walked by.

Inside the facility there were 11 made in the US cars. On the left an electric blue Mustang bore a sign that it was made in Flat Rock, Michigan. A red Jeep Grand Cherokee on the right was made in Detroit, Michigan.

With a giant American flag behind them, POTUS walked with Elaine Chao and Mary Barra of General Motors and others.

Trump then called over Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for a photo "Even though you didn't endorse me," to awkward laughter.

"We're going to bring a lot of jobs back to Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania," the president said.

At a roundtable with CEOs POTUS said "we're going to do some wonderful work with you but you're going to have to help us with jobs."

"I know you're all competitors," POTUS said, but asked the CEOs to build modern plants "like you've built in Mexico."

United Auto Workers president Dennis Williams said he appreciates Trump being there but he is worried about environmental standards for the automobile industry.

"We all agree with you 100%. 100%. We want you to make great cars but if it takes an extra thimble of fuel," we want you to do it, Trump said.

Participants in Roundtable:

1. Governor Rick Snyder

2. Administrator Scott Pruitt

3. Secretary Elaine Chao

Auto Industry Company Heads:

4. Mary Barra, General Motors

5. Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

6. Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company

7. W. Gerald "Jerry" Flannery, Hyundai Motor Company

8. Dietmar Exler, Mercedes-Benz USA

9. Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo Cars

10. James "Jim" Lentz, Toyota Motor North America

11. Jose Munoz, Nissan Motor Company

12. Rick Schostek, Honda North America, Inc.

13. Michael Sprague, Kia Motors America (KMA)

14. David Geanacopoulos, Sr., Volkswagen


15. Dennis Williams, UAW President

16. Cindy Estrada, Vice President (GM)


17. Robert Miller, IAC Group

18. Robert Kaiser, Gallagher Kaiser

19. David Dauch, American axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM)

Vehicles in Tour:

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Made in Detroit, Michigan

Ford Mustang GT

Made in Flat Rock, Michigan

Chevrolet Bolt

Made in Lake Orion, Michigan

Toyota Camry

Made in Georgetown, Kentucky

Volkswagen Passat

Made in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hyundai Sonata

Made in Montgomery, Alabama

Nissan Murano

Made in Canton, Mississippi

Kia Sorento

Made in West Point, Georgia

Mercedes-Benz GLS450

Made in Vance, Alabama

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