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Pence radio pool report 12
Tamara Keith • NPR
February 22, 2017: 05:11 PM

Hello all - I am dropping here in St. Louis, so this is the last you will here from me. Air Force Two was wheels up at 4:08 central time. Here are quotes from Pence's brief remarks.

"I spoke words earlier today in St. Louis that were from the heart. There's no place in America for hatred or acts of prejudice or violence or anti-Semitism. I must tell you the people of Missouri are inspiring the nation by your love and care for this place, for the Jewish community in Missouri, and I want to thank you for that inspiration, for showing the world what America is really all about." (Applause)

"I also want to thank Anita for her great leadership. To walk in to see that the headstones that were vandalized are already repaired is evidence of your love and your care for the heritage and the history and for those that are cherished here, to the federation and to all of you. But let me also say, I just want to thank your new governor (applause)... Thank you Gov. Greitens and on behalf of the president of the United States, let me just say thank you to all of you for coming out and showing the heart of this state and the heart of this nation in this place. You just make us all proud. God bless, you all" (applause)

Also, want to share the exact questions the woman asked him about the travel ban. I did not get her name. And, again, did not hear (or pick up with my mic) his response because we were moved along. She was right next to him at the time he said it, though it is possible he did not hear her.

"How is the travel ban not anti people? It's the opposite of what you said. How is the travel ban not doing exactly what those people were doing here?"

Anti Defamation League Regional director Karen Aroesty spoke to Pence briefly just before he hopped onto the bed of the pickup. She said. "I want to thank you for being here and thank the president for his words. We look forward to doing whatever we can to help. We're a resource for you if you want. Being here today is important for a lot of people."

"I didn't want to miss coming," Pence said.

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