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Foreign pool report #1
Lucia Leal • Efe News
February 24, 2017: 04:10 PM

Pool was escorted to the Oval Office a bit after 15:00. President Trump and President Kuzcynski were seated side by side in front of the chimney. No sight of any other officials. The Peruvian Embassy said they were going to meet alone for 10 minutes before the rest of their teams joined in.

President Trump said "it's a great honor" to have President Kuzcynski from Peru, "a fantastic neighbor" with whom there's "a great relationship, better now than ever before".

He noted that Kuczynski was receiving an award at Princeton University, and asked him why. The Peruvian president replied it was "for being an alumnus who did OK".

Trump noted one of Kuczynski's daughters goes to Princeton. He said Peru is looking to buy some "military vehicles" from the US, and he said the US was going to approve that sale.

Kuczynski said: "I'm very glad to be here in Washington. I greatly respect the US, we have an excellent relation. Latin America needs to grow more, and we're going to talk about how to do that,'' he said. 'Maybe you have a few ideas?' to what Trump replied: 'yes I do'.

At the end, we asked President Trump if he was willing to consider the extradition of former Peruvian President Toledo, who is thought to be in the US and is facing corruption charges in Peru. Trump did not reply.

We then asked the Peruvian President if they were going to talk about the Toledo case in the meeting. He said: "Maybe, maybe not".

Thanks to fellow pooler Philip Crowley, who spotted Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner in the room next to the Oval Office, apparently ready to join the meeting later.

?President Kuczynski made some remarks after the meeting from the stakeout location outside of the West Wing, saying he didn't pressure Trump on the Toledo extradition request and that he defended the "quality" of Peruvian immigrants to the US. I can send audio of that upon request.

The Peruvian delegation, per their Embassy:

- Foreign Minister, Ricardo Luna

-Ambassador to the US, Carlos Pareja

- Presidential Advisor, Ambassador Roberto Rodríguez

- Deputy chief of mission at the Peruvian Embassy in the US, Agustin De Madalengoiti ?a?

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