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Print Travel Pool #7
Steven Miller • Washington Times
June 7, 2017: 01:45 PM

Here are excerpts from the president's remarks on infrastructure in Cincinnati, as provided by White House:

"We are here today to talk about rebuilding our nation's infrastructure and we will do it using American labor, American energy and American Iron, aluminum and steel."

"The American People deserve the best infrastructure in the world."

"It is time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders and to create new lanes of travel, commerce and discovery that will take us into the future."

"In my campaign for President, I travelled across the nation. I saw the crumbling infrastructure. I met with the communities desperate for new roads and bridges. And I heard the pleas from voters who wanted to know why we could rebuild foreign countries and yet allow our own country to fall into a state of disrepair."

"It is time to rebuild OUR country, to bring back OUR jobs, to restore OUR dreams, and yes, to put AMERICA FIRST."

"We are going to restore America's industrial might, creating the jobs and tax base to put new infrastructure all over this country."

"Countless American industries, businesses and jobs depend on rivers, runway, roads and rails that are in dire and even desperate condition. And millions of American families rely on their water on pipes and pumps that are on the verge of total failure."

"More than half of all American Steel is produces within 250 miles of where we are standing and its production depends on the inland system."

"But thees critical corridors of commerce depend on a dilapidates system of locks and dams that is more than half a century old, and their condition continues to decay."

"Capital improvements of this system have been massively underfunded = and there is an $8.7 billion maintenance backlog that is only getting worse."

"America must have the best, fastest and most reliable infrastructure in the world. WE cannot accept these conditions any longer."

"My new vision for American infrastructure will rebuild our country by generating 1 TRILLION DOLLARS in infrastructure investment. Our infrastructure program will be based on forging new partnerships and demanding new accountability for every federal taxpayer dollar."

"Under this vision, the federal government will drastically reduce burdensome regulations and massively streamline approves and permitting."

"We will work directly with state and local governments to give them the freedom and flexibility they need to revitalize our nation's infrastructure."

"Working with states, local governments, and private industry, we will ensure that these new federal funds are matched by significant additional dollars for maximum efficiency and accountability."

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