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In town pool report #2
Matt Viser • Boston Globe
June 5, 2017: 12:27 PM

Awaiting the arrive of POTUS, the always well-appointed East Room had a dull roar of chatter. A band played in the hallway nearby, jazz tunes audible in the background.

Jared Kushner arrived and worked the front row. Kevin McCarthy, too, was moving around and chatting amiably. Everyone sat on gold-colored chairs with white cushions.

The music shifted. Drums dropped. Light piano began. Ivanka entered.

A few minutes later, the event began, to announce the Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative.

"Welcome to the beginning of a new era of infrastructure," Vice President Mike Pence said as he introduced POTUS.

POTUS entered, shaking hands with Senator Ted Cruz and McCarthy on the way to the front of the room. He got a standing ovation and loud applause. The remarks themselves were public and widely covered live -- and aside from the camera shutters going (particularly when POTUS moved his hands as he spoke) not that different in the room than what would have been seen on television.

After the speech -- which was read from three large screens in the back -- POTUS signed two documents. He distributed two pens, and wanted a third to give to McCarthy. He didn't have another on the table, so Congressman Patrick McHenry offered one himself, which POTUS took and gave to McCarthy. Laughter ensued.

After the signing, POTUS left the room as the program continued and others -- Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, Congressman Bill Shuster, and Gary Cohn -- spoke.

Attaching here a list of the attendees in the room, as distributed by the White House:

Vice President Mike Pence
Elaine Chao, Secretary, Department of Transportation
James "Jim" Burnley, Former Secretary, Department of Transportation
Elizabeth Dole, Former Secretary, Department of Transportation
Mary Peters, Former Secretary, Department of Transportation
Ted Cruz, Senator (R-TX)
Jeff Denham, Congressman (R-CA)
Sam Graves, Congressman (R-MO)
Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader (R-CA)
Patrick McHenry, Congressman (R-NC)
Mark Meadows, Congressman (R-NC)
Pat Meehan, Congressman (R-PA)
Bill Shuster, Chairman, House T&I Committee (R-PA)
Rob Woodall, Congressman (R-GA)
Gary Cohn, Assistant to the President for Economic Policy

Emily Ackerman, U.S. House of Representatives
Adrian Arnakis, U.S. Senate
Jordan Austin, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Elizabeth Baker, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Bryan Bedford, Republic Airways
Ian Bennitt, U.S. House of Representatives
Barry Biffle, Frontier Airlines
David Bronczek, FedEx
Christine Burgeson, A4A
Eric Burgeson, U.S. House of Representatives
James Burnley, Venable
Peter Carter, Delta Airlines
Monica Chinn, DOT
Ted Cruz, Senator (R-TX)
Margaret Cummisky, Hawaiian Airlines
Jeff Denham, Congressman (R-CA)
Howard Diamond, Frontier Airlines
Ross Dietrich, U.S. House of Representatives
John Drew, Southwest Airlines
Stephen Ellis, Taxpayers for Common Sense
Daniel Elwell, DOT
Camille Fleenor, Atlas Air Worldwide
Bobby Fraser, DOT
Melissa Fwu, DOT
Laura Genero, DOT
Coley George, NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP)
Andrew Giacini, U.S. House of Representatives
Douglas Graham, DOT
Sam Graves, Congressman (R-MO)
Howard Hagy, Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
Charles Heflin, International Air Transport Association
Martha Henry, DOT
Adam Hepburn, United Airlines
Michael Huerta, FAA Administrator
Aleksandra Johnson, United Airlines
Howard Kass, American Airlines
Will Kinzel, Delta Airlines
Ruth Knouse, DOT
Matthew Kopko, DOT
Karen Kuhlman, United Airlines
Charles Leocha, Travelers United
Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Leader (R-CA)
Michael McCormick, Global Business Travel
Patrick McHenry, Congressman (R-NC)
Sean McLean, U.S. House of Representatives
Mark Meadows, Congressman (R-NC)
Pat Meehan, Congressman (R-PA)
Christopher Mitton, DOT
Owen Morgan, DOT
Edmund Moy, DOT
Keith Nelson, DOT
David Nott, Reason Foundation
Simone Perez, U.S. House of Representatives
Sharon Pinkerton, Airlines for America
Barry Plans, DOT
Robert Puentes, Eno Foundation
Anthony Pugliese, DOT
Naveen Rao, U.S. House of Representatives
Dorothy Robyn, Coalition Supporter (USDOT)
Max Rosen, U.S. House of Representatives
Michael Sargent, Heritage
Bill Shuster, Chairman, House T&I Committee (R-PA)
Dontai Smalls, UPS
Loren Smith, DOT
William Swelbar, MIT
Derek Tate, International Air Transport Association
Lori Urban, DOT
Rob Woodall, Congressman (R-GA)
Chad Yelinski, U.S. House of Representatives

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