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Pool report #14a - 5/24/17
Carol Lee • Wall Street Journal
May 24, 2017: 05:26 PM

More Tillerson gaggle. Jerome Cartillier is transcribing this half.

Q : Art 5 ?

Of course we support Article 5. The only time Article 5 has been invoked was in 9/11.

Q: Will the president mention it tomorrow ?

He is still working on final remarks so I don't want to tell you exactly what is going to be in the speech

Q: Will the Manchester attack change the conversation ?

I think it's going to strenghten the resolve in this fight againt terrorism.

The president's speech in Riyadh, the discussions we had in Israel and the discussions we had today around this threat and the role that the leaders of these three great faiths can play. The horrible attack in Manchester just reminded all of us why we have to do this. The president said that in remarks to embassy staff today. He said it just reminds why we have to win this fight, we have to do it

Q: What could come out of the G7 meeting , any trade agreements ?

I don't think you can expect any trade agreement, what there will be is a very frank discussion and exchange on why these trade unbalances exist.

Some of it is structural, some of it is fiscal.

There is a desire to get all these issues on the table so we can understand how to address this in a way that hopefully works for both parties.

Q : Still appropriate to have Russia on the sidelines of these summits?

They were eleminated or taken out of the group due to the situation in Ukraine so for them to rejoin they are going to have to adress the situation in Ukraine and we have been pretty clair with them what that means, it means moving forward with the Minsk accord and restoring Ukraine sovereignty.

Q: Willl POTUS come up with concrete proposals for the Middle East ?

There were concret actions taken. The creation of the Center for moderate islam and we are working with them on what kind of metrics are they going to use to judge whether they are being susccessful.? They are going to start in the social media space but then overtime they will look forward to other countroies working with them.

On disrupting terror financing networks, the Saudis just signed an agreement, we are going to be putting some of,our Treasury people working with them And once we have a kind of templatre, we hope to encourage other GCC countries to start utilize that template as well . They all indicated a willingness to join this effort. Hopefully we can replicate in other places around the world to disrupt the money flood. If the terroists don't have money, it's hard for them to carry out their acts of terrorim.

Q : What about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Thee were very substantive discussions in Israel with both PM Netanyahu as well as president Abbas

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