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Travel Pool Report No. 3, EU bilat meeting
Philip Rucker • The Washington Post
May 25, 2017: 11:18 AM

President Trump and President Donald Tusk held a bilateral meeting at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels. The presidents entered a small conference room together and took seats across from each other at the center of a long, rectangular table.

Trump said, "Thank you very much," and briefly looked at the assembled press pool. Your pool could not hear him utter any other words, and we were escorted out after about one minute. Trump took no questions.

Tusk introduced Trump to some members of the European delegation. Trump sat between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to his right and Secretary of Defense James Mattis to his left.

Other members of the US delegation were National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell, National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, State Department Chief of Staff Margaret Peterlin, NSC Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs Richard Hooker and Adam Shub, the Charge d'Affaires for the European Union.

The European delegation included the following members, according to guidance from the White House:

-President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission
-Donald Tusk, European Council President
-High Representative Frederica Mogherini
-David O'Sullivan, head of EU delegation to US
-Martin Selmayr, head of Cabinet for Juncker
-Piotr Serafin, head of Cabinet for Tusk
-Richard Szostak, diplomatic adviser to Juncker
-Riina Kionka, diplomatic adviser to Tusk
-Leon Delvaux, trade and development
-Preeban Aamann, adviser to Junker and spokesperson to Tusk

As your pool got pre-positioned in the conference room, the two delegations did not interact with one another. On the American side, Mattis, Powell, Cohn and Peterlin mingled and chatted with each other for about 10 minutes before the presidents entered. The European officials mostly waited quietly, standing behind their seats and not conversing with each other.

The conference room had EU and US flags along the wall and small flower arrangements at the center of the table. The meeting was in a rather ordinary conference room on a hallway of small offices on an upper floor in the HQ building. Co-pooler Mark Landler is sending some color and history on the EU building.

Pool is waiting in the motorcade vans for an upcoming movement back to the Ambassador's Residence, where President Trump will be meeting President Macron of France.

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