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Pool report #14c - rest of Tillerson gaggle
Carol Lee • Wall Street Journal
May 24, 2017: 06:00 PM

Q: What about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

A: Well there were there were very substantive discussions in Israel with both Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as President Abbas. The president was very forceful in his encouragement to both of them to be serious about approaching these discussions in the future and recognize you have to compromise. Everyone has to compromise. So he was he was putting a lot of pressure on them that it was time to get to the table that he's made the point several times. We solve the Israeli Palestinian peace dilemma, we start solving a lot of the peace throughout the Middle East region.

Q: Does the Palestinian peace process have to get started in order to move forward with some bilateral between Israel and other countries in the region or do you think it can go the other way around?

A: I think that's a question for each individual country to answer. I wouldn't want to speak on behalf of any of them.

Q: What's the president's style been and it's his first foreign trip What's his style at interacting with these foreign leaders?

A: Well the president's quite a communicator. Which shouldn't surprise you. I think he adjust his style to the people he's meeting with but also to the issues and the importance and in his view the urgency around these issues, so he tends to dial the urgency up and therefore the style dials up and I can certainly tell you that in the meetings in Israel and Palestine he was very energized because he does feel there's a certain sense of urgency for these parties to finally get on with it take it take advantage of this opportunity and I think he has to set his tone depending upon you know how important or urgent the issues are. (11:47)And obviously taking into account the counterparty he's dealing with. So he's he's been pretty remarkable I have to tell you for someone that you know this is my first time to get have the opportunity to see the president interact in this way. And he's he's been pretty remarkable.

Q: Is it a softer tone with the pope?

A: Well I wasn't in the one on one with the pope. We had an audience with the pope where the rest of us joined. But it was strictly photographs and just some exchange of greetings with the Pope so I was not in that meeting.

Thank you.

(Thanks Tamara Keith for the assist)

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